20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bhutan That You Should Know

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bhutan That You Should Know

Welcome to the mystical kingdom of Bhutan! This small Himalayan nation is known for its breathtaking scenery, vibrant culture, and a unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness. From its towering mountain peaks to its lush valleys, Bhutan is a land of stunning natural beauty that has captivated travelers for centuries. But there’s more to Bhutan than just its picturesque landscapes – this country has a rich and complex history that has shaped its people and its identity. Whether you’re interested in exploring its ancient monasteries, indulging in its delicious cuisine, or learning about its innovative approach to sustainable development, there’s something for everyone in Bhutan. So, join us as we uncover fascinating Bhutan facts that will leave you inspired and eager to discover more about this enchanting country.

1-5 Fun Facts About Bhutan

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bhutan That You Should Know

1. Bhutan is the ultimate green machine, sucking up more carbon dioxide than it produces, making it the only carbon-negative country in the world. 

2. And, fun fact, Bhutan was pretty much a secret until 1974 when the coronation of the new king was allowed to be covered by the media, after 64 years of isolation. 

3. But that’s not all. TV sets didn’t make it to Bhutan until the 90s, which means Bhutan was completely TV-free for a long time.

4. The king of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, is a real champ. He knew that Bhutan may not always have an honest king, so he pushed for democracy, establishing a constitution and holding elections in 2005, making Bhutan a constitutional monarchy. 

5. And when it comes to economics, Bhutan isn’t obsessed with GDP. Instead, it measures Gross National Happiness, with four pillars that include sustainable development, preservation and promotion of cultural values, good governance, and a healthy environment. Now, that’s the kind of growth we can get behind.

6-10 Shocking Facts About Bhutan

6. But if you want some real excitement, check out the airport in Paro. It’s officially the most dangerous airport to land on in the world. Only 8 trained pilots are allowed to navigate this risky landing. So, buckle up and hold on tight for a one-of-a-kind landing experience.

7. There are no Traffic Lights in Bhutan.

8. Bhutan banned smoking and tobacco use in public places! Sorry smokers, you’ll have to find a designated area to light up. And if you’re caught breaking the law, you might end up with a 3 to 5-year sentence. 

9. Bhutan has a soft spot for animals. Killing any animals or birds is strictly forbidden.

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bhutan That You Should Know

10. Bhutan is known as the Land of the dragons, or “Druk Yul” in Bhutanese. No wonder, considering the majestic and mythical creatures are all over Bhutan’s flag, architecture, and folklore. 

11-15 Interesting Facts About Bhutan

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bhutan That You Should Know

11. Bhutanese people draw phalluses on walls and use them as good luck charms and fertility symbols. They’re even used as a scarecrow. Who needs a regular old scarecrow when you can have a giant phallus?

12. Bhutan is a smart cookie when it comes to negotiation. Despite being a small and inaccessible country, Bhutan was never ruled by an external entity. How did they manage to do that, you ask? Well, thanks to their clever kings and gurus who negotiated smart deals with the British when they were expanding their base in India and Nepal. 

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bhutan That You Should Know

13. You don’t have to break the bank to stay healthy and educated in Bhutan. Education and healthcare are free for all citizens in Bhutan. 

14. Bhutan was the last country to introduce television.

15. The national sport is archery.

16-20 Weird Facts About Bhutan

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bhutan That You Should Know

16. It is mandatory to wear the national dress of Bhutan to certain formal occasions to preserve and promote traditional values.

17. One-third of Bhutan’s population is under the age of 14.

18. Inheritance is generally passed to the eldest daughter rather than the eldest son.

19. Bhutanese are forbidden to marry foreigners, and homosexuality is prohibited by law.

20. Bhutan’s economy is growing, and its currency, the ngultrum, is fixed to the Indian rupee.

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