30 Mind-Blowing Costa Rica Facts That You Should Know

30 Mind-Blowing Costa Rica Facts That You Should Know

Welcome to the jewel of Central America, Costa Rica! This enchanting country is a nature lover’s paradise, brimming with lush rainforests, sparkling beaches, and diverse wildlife. But there’s more to Costa Rica than just its stunning landscapes – this small country is a pioneer in sustainability, a champion of peace, and a bastion of democracy. From its rich pre-Columbian history to its modern-day innovations, Costa Rica has plenty to offer for anyone who seeks to discover its many secrets. So, come with us as we delve into fascinating Costa Rica facts that will leave you spellbound and eager to explore this extraordinary land.

1-10 Fun Facts About Costa Rica

1. Costa Rica is a country that prides itself on its commitment to education, with a budget that allocates a higher percentage towards education than the global average. Costa Rica spends 6.9% of its budget on education, more than the average of 4.4%.

2. This investment in education is reflected in the country’s press freedom, with Costa Rica ranking seventh in the world. Similarly, Costa Ricans’ high level of happiness has earned the country a ranking of 12th in the World Happiness Report. 

30 Mind-Blowing Costa Rica Facts That You Should Know

3. The official language is Spanish, but many people also speak English.

4. Costa Rica is considered the 37th most democratic country in the world, according to the Freedom in the World Index.

5. Costa Rica has a saying: “pura vida”, which means “pure life” or “simple life”. It’s used as a greeting, a farewell, and to express happiness.

6. The commitment to human development is also evident in Costa Rica’s high ranking on the Human Development Index, where it is ranked as the fifth most developed country in Latin America. 

7. In terms of cultural heritage, ox carts are a national symbol of Costa Rica, reflecting the country’s agricultural history and traditions.

8. It is worth noting that Christopher Columbus was the first to arrive in Costa Rica and named the place “Rich Coast,” giving it a name that would eventually become the country’s name. 

9. The national currency of Costa Rica is called the Colon, named after the famous explorer.

10. Costa Rica is a bird-watching paradise with over 850 species of birds – that’s 10% of all bird species on Earth. So, be sure to pack your binoculars!

11-20 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

11. In 1948, after a bloody civil war, Costa Rica made a unique decision – they abolished their military permanently. That’s right, no army, just peace and pura vida!

12. Want to go green? Look no further than Costa Rica, which gets a massive 98.1% of its energy from renewable sources. They’re so eco-friendly, they’re aiming to be carbon neutral by 2021.

13. With 25% of its territory comprised of national parks and nature reserves, Costa Rica is a nature lover’s paradise. No wonder they have more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity!

14. Deforestation is a huge problem worldwide, but not in Costa Rica – they have an almost 0% rate of deforestation. Talk about sustainable living!

15. When you hear “soda,” you might think of a soft drink, but in Costa Rica, it’s a small roadside restaurant where you can find delicious food at reasonable prices. Yum!

16. No military? No problem! Costa Rica replaced their army with an army of teachers, resulting in a 97% literacy rate. Who needs guns when you have books?

30 Mind-Blowing Costa Rica Facts That You Should Know

17. The national animal of Costa Rica isn’t what you’d expect – it’s the white-tailed deer. Bambi would be proud!

18. The average wage laborer in Costa Rica earns about $10 per day. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s the highest in Central America. 

19. Every year, up to 100,000 Olive Ridley turtles come ashore on Ostional National Wildlife Refuge’s beaches, leaving behind as many as 10 million eggs. 

20. Costa Rica is almost a tax haven country. If you live there for three months, you get the same benefits as a local native. No wonder rich people love keeping their money in offshore accounts here and in neighboring Panama.

21-30 Awesome Facts About Costa Rica

21. Besides medical tourism, you can also visit Costa Rica for other reasons as prostitution is legal here. But don’t get too excited, it’s only legal in special brothels and you have to follow all the rules. Better keep it classy.

22. With a net worth of 10.7 billion dollars, the president of Costa Rica is the richest man in the country. He must be doing something right.

30 Mind-Blowing Costa Rica Facts That You Should Know

23. Costa Rica has some of the weirdest ice cream flavors in the world, like garlic ice cream, goat cheese ice cream, chipotle ice cream, spaghetti ice cream, and even cheese ice cream. Would you be brave enough to try them all?

24. Until 2012, Costa Rica didn’t have any street signs. 

25. In Costa Rica, you can see the sun rise and set on the same day. You can watch the sunrise from the Caribbean coast and then watch it set on the Pacific coast, all in one day. Talk about a perfect day trip!

26. The country has no street addresses, so people give directions based on landmarks and distances. For example, “500 meters east of the church” or “next to the big tree”.

27. It’s common to see sloths hanging around in trees, and Costa Rica is home to six different species of these slow-moving mammals.

30 Mind-Blowing Costa Rica Facts That You Should Know

28. The national dish is gallo pinto, which is a mix of rice and beans cooked with onions, peppers, and spices.

29. The country has a lot of volcanoes, some of which are active. You can visit national parks like Arenal Volcano and Poas Volcano to see these natural wonders up close.

30. Costa Ricans call themselves ticos and ticas.

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you had fun while reading 30 Interesting Costa Rica Facts For Kids.

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