15 Surprising Facts About Bahrain That Will Amaze You

15 Surprising Facts About Bahrain That Will Amaze You

Welcome to the small yet mighty island nation of Bahrain! This tiny archipelago in the Persian Gulf may be small in size, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to culture, history, and innovation. From its ancient roots as a hub for pearl diving to its modern-day status as a financial center, Bahrain has a rich and diverse heritage that has made it a melting pot of ideas and influences. Whether you’re interested in exploring its stunning Islamic architecture, indulging in its delectable cuisine, or learning about its vibrant arts scene, there’s something for everyone in Bahrain. So, join us as we uncover fascinating Bahrain facts that will leave you enthralled and eager to discover more about this remarkable country.

1-5 Interesting Facts About Bahrain

15 Surprising Facts About Bahrain That Will Amaze You

1. Bahrain’s government banned Google Earth because it allowed Bahraini citizens to see vast tracts of royal-owned land and palaces next to poor and overcrowded Shi’ite villages. Can’t have the peasants getting any ideas, now can we?

2. The Jackson family had a secret escape plan in place for Michael Jackson if he was ever convicted of child molestation. A private jet was on standby to whisk him away to Bahrain, where he’d live as a guest of the king’s son. 

3. Diarrheal diseases may not be the most glamorous health burden, but they’re a big problem in five countries, including Bahrain. So maybe hold off on that street food until you’re sure your stomach can handle it.

4. Bahrain has a unique way of dealing with protesters – they offer them doughnuts! During an anti-government protest outside the US Embassy, a US official walked outside the wire and handed out doughnuts to the protesters.

5. CNN once produced a documentary about the Bahrain protests, but it was never aired because the Bahraini government was a paying customer of CNN. Talk about censorship!

6-10 Fun Facts About Bahrain

15 Surprising Facts About Bahrain That Will Amaze You

6. Bahrain is an electrifying place ranking third in the world for electric power consumption per capita.

7. Agriculture isn’t a thriving industry in Bahrain, with only 2.82% of the country’s land area suitable for farming. The other 92% is desert, where droughts and dust storms are as common as sand in your shoes.

8. Bahrain may be mistaken for an island nation, but it’s an archipelago of 33 islands. The largest island holds a whopping 83% of the country’s total land mass, but thanks to some creative reclamation projects, there are now even more man-made islands to explore.

9. According to legend, Bahrain was converted to Islam by an envoy sent by the prophet Muhammad himself in AD 628. The local ruler was impressed and decided to switch to Islam, and the rest is history.

10. If you want to become a citizen of Bahrain, you better have some family ties. Citizenship is acquired by descent, meaning your father must be a Bahrain citizen. And forget about having dual citizenship – it’s not permitted. It takes 25 years of residency to become naturalized unless you’re an Arab national, in which case you can shave ten years off the clock.

11-15 Awesome Facts About Bahrain

11. Bahrain is home to the mysterious Tree of Life, a single mesquite tree that was planted around 1583 in the southern desert. However, No one knows how it survives in an arid environment with no apparent water source nearby.

12. Dive Bahrain is the world’s largest underwater theme park, with a 70m fully submerged Boeing 747 jumbo jet airplane as one of its attractions. 

15 Surprising Facts About Bahrain That Will Amaze You

13. If you take pictures of locals without their permission, you can go to jail – so be sure to ask nicely!

14. Bahrain is one of only four countries with a Shia majority population.

15. The official currency of Bahrain is the Bahraini dinar. And it is the world’s second-highest-valued currency unit. 

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