20 Surprising Algeria Facts That You Should Know

20 Surprising Algeria Facts That You Should Know

Nestled in the heart of North Africa, Algeria is a country that boasts a rich history, stunning natural beauty, and a diverse culture that reflects its unique blend of African, Arab, and Mediterranean influences. From its ancient ruins to its bustling cities and breathtaking landscapes, Algeria is a country that is full of surprises and fascinating facts waiting to be discovered. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most-interesting and lesser-known facts, and take a closer look at what makes this North African gem such a special place. So, come along on a journey of discovery, and let’s explore the wonders of Algeria together.

1-5 Fun Facts about Algeria

20 Surprising Algeria Facts That You Should Know

1. Algeria takes the crown for being the biggest African nation.

2. However, don’t be fooled by its size – a whopping 90% of its land is claimed by the scorching Sahara desert, leaving just 12% for people to call home.

3. Religion is a big deal in Algeria – about 99% of the population is Muslim, with Sunni Islam being the most common flavor. That’s a lot of praying and fasting going on.

4. The Algerian flag, comprised of green and white stripes with a central red star and crescent, holds significant cultural and religious significance. The color green represents Islam, the predominant religion in the country, while white symbolizes purity and peace. The red stands for liberty, and the crescent and star are Islamic symbols, reinforcing the country’s connection to the Muslim faith.

20 Surprising Algeria Facts That You Should Know

5. However, the status and position of women in Algerian society are in stark contrast to many Islamic nations. Women hold prominent roles in the country’s legal system, with 60% of judges and 70% of lawyers being female. Additionally, women contribute a larger share of household incomes than their male counterparts.

6-10 Interesting Facts about Algeria

6. If you’re planning a trip to Algeria, be prepared for scorching hot temperatures. The town of Salah once recorded a mind-boggling temperature of 50.8 C.

7. Algeria is a debt-free country.

8. While Algeria’s debt-free status might seem impressive, a bizarre incident involving a donkey and a stack of cash shows that the country faces its unique challenges. A man looking to buy a donkey found himself embroiled in a legal dispute after the animal gobbled up the money meant for its purchase. The case wound its way through lower courts before reaching the Supreme Court, highlighting the country’s struggles with legal disputes and financial mismanagement.

9. Despite being a resource-rich country, one in every four Algerians lives on less than one dollar per day. 

20 Surprising Algeria Facts That You Should Know

10. However, Algeria has made progress in public health, becoming only the second African country to be declared malaria-free. So if you’re worried about getting malaria on your trip, you can rest easy. Just watch out for those donkeys with expensive taste!

11-15 Awesome Facts about Algeria

20 Surprising Algeria Facts That You Should Know

11. Did you know that Algeria’s national animal is the fennec fox? It’s like having a living teddy bear as your national symbol.

12. Unfortunately, not all of Algeria’s wildlife is thriving. The Saharan cheetah is on the brink of extinction, with only around 250 left in the world. Most of them are in Algeria, making the country a critical sanctuary for one of the rarest and most elusive carnivores on earth. 

13. In 2018, the Algerian government took a drastic step to combat cheating during school exams. They blocked the entire internet. And gave kids a chance to unplug, and appreciate the simple pleasures in life, like reading a book or staring at the wall.

14. Petroleum, natural gas, and ammonia account for over 95% of its exports.

15. And finally, the most mind-boggling fact of all: in Algeria, petrol is cheaper than water.

16-20 Surprising Facts about Algeria

16. Algeria is an Islamic country, and it is illegal to promote any other religion. 

17. The Algerian legal system is based on the French court system and Sharia law. This unique combination gives Algeria a blend of European and Islamic legal traditions.

18. Despite its vast size, only three and a half percent of Algeria’s land is used for farming, which makes it difficult for the country to feed its population. 

19. The Algerian people gather for “La Touiza,” a feast, to commemorate the harvest season. After a long day of toil in the fields, the celebration involves a generous serving of the national food, couscous.

20 Surprising Algeria Facts That You Should Know

20. Algeria is also home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the ancient city of Djemila and the beautiful Tassili n’Ajjer National Park. 

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