25 Awesome Facts About Mexico That You Probably Didn’t Know

Did you know? Mexican food is so great that it has UNESCO recognition as an intangible heritage of humanity.

25 Awesome Facts About Mexico That You Probably Didn't Know

Incredible, isn’t it? With over 129.20 million people, Mexico is not only one of the best countries to visit, but it is also a country filled with interesting facts that you should know.

Fun Facts about Mexico

25 Awesome Facts About Mexico That You Probably Didn't Know

1. With a GDP of over $1.07 trillion, Mexico is the 15th largest economy in the world.

2. Mexico’s capital is ingeniously named Mexico City.

3. Mexican Constitution limits the Presidency to a single six-year term. After that, they cannot be elected ever again.

4. While Spanish is the national language of Mexico but they’re not picky with 68 official languages, and over 50 native languages are still being -spoken in rural areas.

5. Roughly 34 percent of Mexico’s land area is covered with forests.

Interesting Facts about Mexico

25 Awesome Facts About Mexico That You Probably Didn't Know

6. Mexico is home to Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world.

7. While Mexico may not be the first country that comes to your mind when you hear about Pyramids. But it is home to the largest pyramid in the world, the Great Pyramid of Cholula.

8. Moreover, Mexico City has the most IMAX theaters of any city in the world.

9. By heating a shot of tequila to 800 degrees Celsius, Mexican scientists were able to successfully turn it into diamonds. 

10. Research by the Organization for Economic Cooperation development did find Mexico to be the hardest working country in the world. An average Mexican citizen works 2246 hours a year or 43.2 hours a week the rest of the top 5, is made up of Costa Rica, South Korea, Greece, and Chile.

Crazy Facts about Mexico

25 Awesome Facts About Mexico That You Probably Didn't Know

11. After the Mexico America War (1946-49), The United States took away Nevada, Utah, almost all of Arizona, roughly a quarter of Colorado, half of New Mexico, and even a little bit of Wyoming from Mexico.

12. Moreover, For a long time, the state of the United States, Texas, was a Mexican province. Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1836, and for almost a decade, Texas was an independent republic before it decided to join the US in 1945.

As of 2021, If Texas were an independent nation, it would have the 10th largest GDP on earth and have more GDP than entire Mexico.

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13. Mexico America War is one thing, But did you know that Mexico fought a pastry war.

Yep, you heard that right! Mexico did go to war with France over baked goods. It happened in 1938 when an angry mob of Mexicans damaged a Frenchman’s bakery in Mexico City who then angrily sued the nation of Mexico when they laughed in his rage-filled French face. He angrily went back to Paris and somehow managed to get King Louis-Philippe to help him. This resulted in an all-out invasion of Mexico by the French and a war that dragged on for four months and left 100 people dead the chef eventually got his compensation.

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14. Owing to its vibrant history and overflowing culturally significant landmarks, Mexico has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in all of the Americas and is ranked seventh in the entire world.

15. Mexico is also a mega diverse country, is home to the most reptile species in the world at over 700. It also has the second-most mammal species in the world at roughly 430.

Shocking Facts about Mexico

25 Awesome Facts About Mexico That You Probably Didn't Know

16. Every May, In the Mexican village of La Esperanza, a large fight club takes place to ask the gods for a good rainy season.

I’d love to show you more, but the first rule of the rain Fight Club is that you do not talk about rain Fight.

17. Escaping prison in Mexico isn’t illegal because it’s a basic human instinct to want to be free.

18. In the 1800s, a famous Mexican general, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, performed one of the most bizarre burials in history. Santa Anna used taxpayer’s money to hold a state funeral for his freaking amputated leg when he lost it from French cannon fire.

19. Between 2000 and 2005, the net migration of Mexican citizens to the USA was 2.2 seven million. But between 2009 and 2014, that dropped to an insane minus 140.000 meaning more Mexicans left the United States in five years than entered it.

20. Still, almost 3% of the Mexican economy comes from US residents sending money from across the border. Every month, roughly two billion dollars is sent south to family members living in Mexico.

Mexico facts about Culture

25 Awesome Facts About Mexico That You Probably Didn't Know

21. Mexicans are a very patriotic bunch. They don’t take it too well when you do it wrong publicly singing the national anthem wrong. Just playing the national flag incorrectly can land you with a fine of up to eight hundred ninety dollars.

22. Mexico has the second-highest population of Catholic citizens and is home to over 123 million, or about 87 percent of their population.

23. Mexican kids aren’t given any presents on Christmas Day, which isn’t as cruel as it sounds as the Mexican people celebrate the arrival of the three wise men who showed up fashionably late by giving gifts on January the 6th.

24. With Fiery salsas, tacos, saucy moles, ancient tamales, and nopales, It is no secret that Mexican cuisine is a favorite around the world.

But did you know that Mexican food is so great that it has UNESCO recognition? Yep, UNESCO classes Mexican cuisines as an intangible heritage of humanity.

25. While the most popular sport in Mexico is currently football, the country’s national sport is the Charrería, a competitive horse riding sport similar to a rodeo.

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you had fun while reading 25 Mind-Blowing Mexico facts.

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