25 Unbelievable Facts about North Korea that you must know

25 Unbelievable Facts about North Korea that you must know

Did you know? In North Korea, there is a propaganda village to lure South Koreans to North Korea.

25 Unbelievable facts about North Korea that everyone must know

Bizarre, isn’t it? The mysterious land is well known for being quite aggressive and for containing many many secrets.

So, In this post, I have covered 25 Insane facts about North Korea that will make you feel grateful for the country where you live in.

1-5 Bizarre North Korea facts

25 Unbelievable facts about North Korea that everyone must know

1. While the entire mankind is living in 2022, North Koreans are living in the year 111. This is because their calendar is based on the birth of Kim Il-sung, grandfather of current leader Kim Jong-un.

2. North Korea doesn’t actually view itself as North Korea as they see themselves as and call themselves Korea.

They particularly hate the North part.

3. In 2013 a journalist was imprisoned for six months for typing Kim Il-Sung’s name wrong in a web article.

4. North Korea is the only country that follows necrocracy. A Necrocracy is a government that continues to operate under the rule of its former leader. In other words, Even though Kim Jong Un is the de facto leader of the country, he’s not the actual leader of North Korea. North Korea’s actual leader is the deceased Kim Il Sung.

5. One of the very few good things about North Korea is that marijuana is legal in North Korea and can be bought and sold pretty easily.

If you’re planning on visiting North Korea, and fancy a quick puff there, then remember that it’s called Epton there.

6-10 Surprising North Korea facts

25 Unbelievable facts about North Korea that everyone must know

6. Also, North Korea claims they’ve invented hangover-free alcohol.

7. North Koreans can visit only 28 websites. 

8. North Korea is often considered quite undemocratic.

But comes on, that is complete propaganda spread by western media.

In fact, the country holds elections every five years, however, the ballot cards only have one option on them.

9. Based on your loyalty to the regime you will be put in a social category consisting of 51 ranks.

10. Music in North Korea is controlled by the state and has to glorify the regime to justify its existence.

If you get caught listening to western music you will be punished for crimes against the state.

The punishment for this crime is death by a flamethrower.

11-15 Insane North Korea facts

11. In an attempt to get South Koreans to move to North Korea, North Korea built good-looking propaganda villages by its borders, so that they could attract South Koreans.

12. North Korea has a three-generation punishment rule where If anyone commits a crime not only he or she will be punished, but also their grandparents, parents, and children.

It’s devastating to think about what happens to a baby when their father commits a crime when the baby is still in his mother’s womb.

13. In North Korea, people have to pick between just 28 haircuts, 10 for men and 18 for women.

These are haircuts that the government has chosen as acceptable.

14. Since the Korean War ended in 1953, Thirty thousand North Koreans have managed to escape and move to South Korea.

15. Since 1990, 12.000.710 people have migrated to North Korea.


16-20 Mind-Blowing North Korea facts

Pulgasari, a propaganda version of Godzilla.

16. The old leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il, was a big film fan who had a collection of over 20,000 movies.

17. Kim Jong-Il loved films so much that he kidnapped a director and his wife to make them make films for him in North Korea. After eight years of making movies, Shin Sang-ok and his wife managed to escape to South Korea.

18. One of the films he created was Pulgasari, a propaganda version of Godzilla.

19. You are only allowed to communicate with people inside North Korea. If you are inside North Korea then remember that international calls are illegal and are punishable by death.

20. North Korea only has four TV channels which are of course state-run.

21-25 Ridiculous North Korea facts

21. According to a North Korean defector, the school teaches math’s, science, music, and arts, but by far the most important subject is the history of the
Kim family.

22. According to a textbook in North Korea, Kim Jong-un learned to drive at the age of 3.

23. If you were born on either July the 8th or December the 17th you are not allowed to celebrate your birthday because those are the dates that Kim Sung-Il and Kim Jong-Il died.

24. You can live in North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang only if you are considered as the best people among the people.

According to the Guardian, three million people who lived there were considered trustworthy healthy, and loyal.

25. North Korea has over 1 million people in their military.

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you had fun while reading about 25 Unbelievable facts about North Korea that everyone must know.

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