20 Mind-Blowing Facts about Christmas

20 Mind-Blowing Facts about Christmas

“Attention all Scrooges, Grinches, and Christmas-haters! It’s time to put away your Bah Humbug attitude and get ready for some serious holiday cheer. That’s right. It’s officially Christmas time. And whether you like it or not, it’s time to embrace the jingle, the bells, and the ugly sweaters. So, grab your favorite ugly sweater, and a glass of eggnog (extra brandy, please!) and join me on this journey as we explore all the hilarious, weird, and wonderful things that make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year!”

Fun Facts about Christmas

20 Mind-Blowing Facts about Christmas

1. Christmas was illegal in the U.S. until 1836. As it was considered an Ancient Pagan Holiday. But thank goodness it’s now legal to spread holiday cheer. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good excuse to eat and drink too much? 

2. Speaking of spreading cheer, did you know that Santa Claus gets a whopping 1 million letters addressed to him every year at his postal code: “H0H 0H0, North Pole, Canada.” 

20 Mind-Blowing Facts about Christmas

3. But watch out lovebirds! The weeks leading up to Christmas are the most popular time for couples to call it quits. So maybe stick to getting coal in your stocking this year. 

4. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way, was meant to be sung during Thanksgiving.

5. In a surprising twist, A survey has found that 1 in 3 United States Jews decorates their homes with a Christmas tree around the holidays. Talk about Cultural assimilation.

Interesting Facts about Christmas

6. Japanese celebrate Christmas Eve with a feast of strawberry shortcakes and fried chicken. Yum!

7. Whereas in Gavle, Sweden, they have a different kind of tradition. They erect a giant straw goat for Christmas every year since 1966, and almost every year, vandals burn it. Poor Sweden.

8. In contrast, every year since 1947, the people of Norway donate a tree to Britain as a symbol of gratitude for their support during World War II. Now that’s a heartwarming tradition.

9. According to the National Confectioners Association, a choirmaster originally gave the red-and-white-striped candies to young children to keep them quiet during marathon church services.

10. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 14,700 people visit hospital emergency rooms each November and December from holiday-related decorating accidents. So be careful when hanging those lights and decorating your tree.

Surprising Facts about Christmas

11. Hold up, before you light up that Christmas tree, did you know that about 200 of them catch fire every year in the U.S.? Don’t let your holiday dreams go up in smoke!

12. Speaking of holiday traditions, in Japan, it’s not the turkey, but KFC that’s on the menu for Christmas Eve. Talk about finger-licking good.

20 Mind-Blowing Facts about Christmas

13. If you’re down in New Zealand, don’t expect to see any TV ads on Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, or ANZAC Day. They’re banned!

14. But here’s a fun fact, Christmas ham, which is now a staple on many holiday tables, was originally a pagan tradition but was endorsed by the Catholic Church as a way to test truthful conversion from Judaism.

15. And If Santa really delivered presents on Christmas Eve, he’d need to fly over a thousand times faster than the world’s faster jet fighter to visit about 240 million homes. Ho ho ho, that’s one speedy Santa!

AwesomeFacts about Christmas

16. The legend of Santa Claus began in Turkey.

17. Also, Jingle Bells was the first song played in space. Talk about out of this world!

20 Mind-Blowing Facts about Christmas

18. And speaking of Jingle bells, before Coca-Cola decided to use his image for advertising, Santa’s appearance was more spooky than jolly. But in 1931, the beverage company hired an illustrator named Haddon Sundblom to depict the jolly old elf for magazine ads, giving us the Santa we know and love today.

19. But while Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the actual date of the big event is lost to history. There’s no mention of December 25th in the Bible, and many historians say Jesus was most likely born in the spring.

20. The song We wish you a merry Christmas was used as a threat. During the holiday season, it was frequently sung by the servants to demand alcohol from their masters. They made their point using the song’s line, “We won’t go until we get some.”

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you had fun while reading 20 Awesome Christmas facts that you should know.

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