20 Mind Blowing Abraham Lincoln Facts

20 Mind Blowing Abraham Lincoln Facts

“Step right up, folks! Get ready for a history lesson like no other! We’re about to take a wild ride through the life of the one, the only, the “biggest” president of them all: Abraham Lincoln. Now, before you roll your eyes and think “Oh great, another boring history lesson”, let me tell you, Lincoln was anything but boring. He was a master of dad jokes, a lover of tall hats, and a fan of his assassin. So, grab your tallest top hat, and join me as we explore the funnier side of this American icon.”

Surprising Facts about Abraham Lincoln

20 Mind Blowing Abraham Lincoln Facts

1. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, served from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. He is known for leading the country through its Civil War and for the Emancipation Proclamation which declared slaves to be free.

2. But did you know that Lincoln was also a licensed bartender? He owned a store that sold liquor in New Salem, Illinois. No wonder he served his people well 🙂

3. Not only wine, but he can also serve some great punches. Lincoln is enshrined in the Wrestling Hall of Fame, having lost just once in 300 matches.

4. And speaking of parties, Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was a famous actor and Lincoln himself was a fan of his work. But little did Lincoln know! Booth’s ultimate performance would be taking him out of the Presidential office.

5 .Lincoln was also a champion of women’s rights and was the first major leader in the U.S. to feel that women should be allowed to vote.

Shocking Facts about Abraham Lincoln

20 Mind Blowing Abraham Lincoln Facts

6. Lincoln is said to have dreamt of his assassination before it happened. It’s a chilling thought that Lincoln knew his fate before it happened.

7. In 1876, a gang of Chicago counterfeiters attempted to steal Abraham Lincoln’s body from his tomb and request a US$200,000 ransom. Only god knows what they have smoked.

8. In 2009, A secret message engraved inside Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch was discovered by a jeweler.

9. Lincoln hated to be called “Abe.” It’s said that he preferred to go by “Mr. Lincoln.”

10. And lastly, Robert Todd Lincoln, the first son of Abraham Lincoln, was present or nearby the assassinations of his father, James Garfield, and William McKinley. Talk about a strange curse! He must have been thinking “I’m not going to any more Presidential inaugurations.”

Interesting Facts about Abraham Lincoln

11. Lincoln was shot on Good Friday, making his assassination even more poignant.

12. Lincoln was known for being a bit of a packrat. He kept his important documents inside his hat. It’s a quirky habit, but it shows Lincoln’s resourcefulness and ability to think outside the box.

13. Lincoln practiced law without a degree and had less than 12 months of formal schooling.

14. Lincoln is often remembered as a tall and distinguished figure. But in reality, everyone thought Lincoln was ugly, including himself. Once when he was accused of being “two-faced,” he replied, “If I had two faces, would I be wearing this one?”. It’s a clever retort that shows his sense of humor and self-deprecation.

15. For starters, Lincoln created the first federal income tax in 1861. It was a temporary measure to finance the Civil War, but it laid the foundation for the modern income tax system.

Awesome Facts about Abraham Lincoln

20 Mind Blowing Abraham Lincoln Facts

16. Lincoln is considered America’s best president, according to 91 presidential historians surveyed.

17. Despite his many accomplishments, Lincoln suffered from depression and avoided carrying knives, fearing he would use them on himself. It’s a reminder that even the most successful people can struggle with mental health.

20 Mind Blowing Abraham Lincoln Facts

18. Lincoln also pushed through Congress the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which permanently outlawed slavery. It was a monumental achievement that changed the course of American history.

19. Lincoln was the first President to have a beard. He grew it at the suggestion of an 11-year-old girl who wrote him a letter.

20. Lincoln was the only U.S. President to have held a patent. He invented a device to lift boats over shoals and sandbars.

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you had fun while reading 20 Interesting Abraham Lincoln facts that you should know.

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