20 Mind-Blowing Azerbaijan Facts That You Should Know

20 Mind-Blowing Azerbaijan Facts That You Should Know

Welcome to the land of fire, where the past and the present blend seamlessly to create a unique cultural experience. Azerbaijan is a country that is rich in history, traditions, and breathtaking scenery. From its ancient landmarks to modern cities and delicious cuisine, Azerbaijan is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most-interesting and lesser-known facts about Azerbaijan and explore why it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Caucasus region.

1-5 Fun Facts about Azerbaijan

20 Mind-Blowing Azerbaijan Facts That You Should Know

1. Azerbaijan is like the golden child of Islam-oriented countries because it’s the FIRST democratic state there! Plus, they’re also the FIRST Muslim country to have theater plays and operas. 

2. Did you know that the World Arm-wrestling Federation has its headquarters in Baku, Azerbaijan? Yup, every year, arm wrestling champs from 60 countries gather for a competition, but despite being the host country, Azerbaijan has never clinched the title. Oops!

3. Azerbaijan is also home to the world’s only miniature book museum. Yes, you heard it right, the only one! They even have a mini copy of the Holy Quran from the 17th century, which is adorable.

4. But wait, there’s more! Azerbaijan’s Carpet Museum is like a rolled-up rug. It’s located right on the waterfront in Baku. Inside, you’ll find colorful carpets made from the finest threads from all over the country. And if you’re lucky, you might catch a live carpet weaving demonstration that’ll blow your mind.

20 Mind-Blowing Azerbaijan Facts That You Should Know

5. Azerbaijan’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but don’t let that fool you – the surrounding area is filled with futuristic, modern buildings that will make your jaw drop. It’s like ancient meets space-age. And it’s all part of Azerbaijan’s charm. 

6-10 Interesting Facts about Azerbaijan

20 Mind-Blowing Azerbaijan Facts That You Should Know

6. Azerbaijan has almost 400 mud volcanoes that can be as cold as near freezing.

7. Azerbaijan’s nickname is “Land of Fire,” but it’s not because of the mud volcanoes. It’s because of the burning hillsides caused by gas seeping up through the earth, like the famous Yanar Dag, which has been burning for over 4,000 years on the Absheron Peninsula. That’s one long-lasting fire!

8. The national dish of Azerbaijan is a stuffed pancake called kutabi, which is a must-try. It’s usually filled with meat, veggies, pumpkins, and herbs, and toasted to perfection. 

9. Bread is considered sacred in Azerbaijan, so much so that wasting it is a big no-no. If there’s leftover bread from a meal, people might hang it from a tree instead of throwing it away. Bread hanging from trees is a common sight in Azerbaijan, and it’s all because the people there believe in sharing it with their friends. 

10. Did you know that Baku is home to the world’s largest KFC? That’s right, the Colonel’s chicken empire has made its mark in Azerbaijan, where they serve up fried goodness with a side of cultural exchange.

11-15 Surprising Facts about Azerbaijan

11. Corruption and accusations of authoritarianism are problems in Azerbaijan, including an amendment to the presidential term limit in 2016.

12. Azerbaijan may have some issues with corruption and accusations of authoritarianism, but they also have something to be proud of two world-class chess players, Garry Kasparov, and Teymur Rajabov. Checkmate!

20 Mind-Blowing Azerbaijan Facts That You Should Know

13. If you’re a fan of mountains, you’ll love Azerbaijan – they cover 60% of the country’s terrain. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of lowlands and plains to explore, so you won’t be left feeling high and dry.

14. Hospitality is a big deal in Azerbaijan, so much so that hosts will offer their guests food and shelter even if it means sacrificing their own needs.

15. The national animal of Azerbaijan is the horse. However, it is not just any horse, but the Karabakh horse, which is known for its fancy footwork and cleverness.

16-20 Awesome Facts about Azerbaijan

20 Mind-Blowing Azerbaijan Facts That You Should Know

16. Azerbaijan also has the second highest percentage of Shia Muslims in the world after Iran, with Shia making up 85% of the population and Sunni only 15%. 

17. And if you plan on visiting, you might want to brush up on your Russian because it’s the second most spoken language after Azeri.

18. The country is sitting on oil reserves that are worth trillions of dollars. 

19. But before you pack your bags, know that Azerbaijan can be both scorching hot, with temperatures reaching up to 46 °C, and bone-chillingly cold in winter, dropping down to -33 °C in some areas.

20. It is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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