15 Awesome facts about Octopus that will blow your Mind

From why Octopuses eat their arms when bored to How the term “octopus” came, Here are the 15 awesome and weird Octopus facts that you would be surprised to know.

15 Awesome facts about Octopus that will blow your Mind

Mind-Blowing facts about Octopus

15 Awesome facts about Octopus that will blow your Mind

1. While most marine animals are struggling against environmental problems like global warming and overfishing, most octopus populations are booming! This is because of their ability to grow fast and adapt quickly to change. Plus, When we fish out big predator fish like tuna, there are more small fish left for octopuses to eat.

2. A female octopus lays around 200,000 eggs and dedicates literally all her time lovingly cleaning and protecting them. She’s so busy looking after her eggs, that she even forgets to eat and dies of starvation shortly after they hatch. Now that’s a doting parent.

3. Octopuses have three hearts. One helps them pump blood around the body, while the other two help them pump it to the gills. 

4. Moreover, Octopus blood is blue due to high copper levels!

5. Octopuses are smart and have more brains than us. In fact, They have nine brains: One central brain and eight mini-brains that each control one arm or leg.

Insane facts about Octopus

6. Octopuses deserve Oscar more than us, As it imitates other sea creatures like jellyfish, sea snakes, and crabs to scare off predators.

7. The coconut octopus walks on two limbs (like a human being) and carries a coconut shell on its head. Unfortunately, This “hat” isn’t ocean fashion but a survival tactic that helps them hide from predators swimming above.

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8. There are 289 different octopus species and each of them is weird and wonderful in its own way. The Abdopus or land octopus leaves the water to hunt for crabs. While in the ocean’s deepest reaches, the bigfin squid waves giant tentacles and looks like an octopus alien. 

9. Moreover, A squid is not an octopus. It has a triangular instead of a round head, two fins, and tentacles as well as arms.

15 Awesome facts about Octopus that will blow your Mind

10. Compared with octopuses living an exciting life in tanks full of interesting decors like shells and flowerpots, octopuses living in more spartan conditions become pretty stressed out. One study found that some even turn to a disturbing behavior known as autophagy, where they eat their own appendages, in such non-stimulating environments.

In other words, They eat their arms when bored.

I know stress makes life so hard, But bro, you got to chill for Christ’s sake.

Fun facts about Octopus

15 Awesome facts about Octopus that will blow your Mind

11. Most Octopuses do not have enough poison to harm people. But a bite from a small blue-ringed octopus can paralyze a human adult in minutes.

12. For all of their amazing abilities, octopuses have short lives that typically last one year to five years. Some species drop dead after just six months.

13. Octopuses use shells and other objects that they find to make homes and shelters. Around these homes and shelters, they built supportive structures that are often called gardens.

14. The term “octopus” came from the Greek word, ‘októpus,’ which means “eight-foot.”

15. Even though they do not appear to be flashy, Octopuses can swim at speeds of up to 40 km/h for short bursts. 

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