25 Scary and Awesome facts about Snakes that will surprise you

25 Scary and Awesome facts about Snakes that will surprise you

You may love snakes, but you may not be fully aware of how awesome they really are. For instance, did you know that an Inland Taipans can kill 100 men in one bite .? Or How you can identify whether a snake is venomous or not .?

25 Scary and Awesome facts about Snakes that will surprise you

Clearly, there’s more to your Snakes than meets the eye. So, in this post, We are gonna go through 25 facts about snakes that will help you realize how awesome and scary these deadly creatures are.

Fun Facts about Snakes

1. According to the latest count, there are 3,789 snake species, making them the second-largest group of reptiles after lizards.

2. Australia alone is home to approximately 140 of them. It is, as they say, Aussies live in hardcore mode.

Moreover, Out of the 23 deadly snake species, 21 are found in Australia. It is, as they say, Everything in Australia will kill you.

3. While Australia is home to deadly snakes, Its neighbor New Zealand literally has no snakes. Similarly, you wouldn’t find any snakes in Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, Ireland, and Antarctica. This is because snakes cannot survive in cold temperatures.

4. Generally, snakes get labeled ‘cold-blooded’ but this is not actually true as their blood isn’t cold. The precise term is ectothermic, meaning their body temperature is variable and regulated by external sources. Unlike us, snakes need to use sources of heat, like the sun, to warm up. Moreover, if temperatures drop below 10°C, a snake will become immobilized and could potentially die if not taken to a warmer environment. 

5. But, Too much heat can also be bad for snakes. Heat can trigger a snake’s hunger instinct, and without prey around, it can start eating itself. So yep, a stressed snake may eat itself.

Insane Facts about Snakes

6. King cobras are the only type of snake with a strong familial sense. Unlike most snake species who abandon their young, King Cobras create nests and defend their young. No wonder they are called King Cobra.

7. Snakes reportedly kill over 40,000 people every year. However, unrecorded cases may amount to 100,000 deaths. Sadly, Around half of these casualties have been from India.

8. Owing to its excellent flexibility, one may think that snakes have bones. But in reality, A snake skeleton has 600-1800 bones, depending on the species.

9. It’s common knowledge that animal sex can get pretty weird, but the anaconda’s mating habits take it to the next level. Instead of the usual male and female, anaconda mating consists of 1 female and around 12 males in a “mating ball”. They stay for up to a month in the ball. Oh god! This female anaconda got no chill.

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10. You can talk smack all you want about Denim shorts, but they just might save your life if you get bitten by a snake. According to a California study, snakes injected 60%-66% less venom into denim-covered gloves compared to bare gloves.

Scary Facts about Snakes

25 Scary and Awesome facts about Snakes that will surprise you
Titanoboa Realistic Replica

11. Colombia, the Titanoboa, was the biggest snake fossil ever found. The 60 million-year-old fossil measured up to 50 ft long, weighed 20 times the average person, and consumed a diet of crocodiles and giant tortoises.

12. It might be hard to believe, But Snakes used to have legs for 70 million years.

13. There is an island in Brazil that only has snakes, creepy right .? The Ilha da Queimada, more commonly known as Snake Island, houses a snake population of 5 snakes per square meter. For better or worse, the place is off-limits to tourists.

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14. Inland Taipans are the most-toxic snake in the world, These snakes have enough venom to kill 100 men in one bite.

15. Snake eyes can reveal whether it’s venomous or not.
Generally, Venomous snakes have slitted or elliptical pupils, while non-venomous snakes usually have round pupils. Of course, there are still certain exceptions. However, If you encounter a snake, it’s best to stay away rather than f*ck around and find out.

Crazy Facts about Snakes

25 Scary and Awesome facts about Snakes that will surprise you

16. In 2012, A Nepalese farmer, Mohammed Salmodin, got bitten by a cobra. In comeback, the farmer bit the cobra back. Ultimately, the cobra died, and Salmodin suffered no symptoms. Crazy! 

17. The black mamba can move 4.32 to 5.4 meters per second and is the fastest snake in the world. Its venom is highly potent. Although the development of antivenom has lowered casualties, the deadly snake still kills around 20,000 per year in Africa

18. The Mozambique spitting cobra is another deadly species native to Africa. It can spit at victims over 8 ft away. Moreover, The cobra can spit from any position, and has a 100% accuracy rate for targets within 2 ft. It usually aims for the eyes and makes its target completely blind with its venom. 

Man, it looks like, living in Africa is an extreme sport after hearing about these snakes.

25 Scary and Awesome facts about Snakes that will surprise you

19. Generally, We think the two-headed snake is deadly and has a survival rate. However, they don’t really last long since the two heads compete for food and tend to attack the other. This is one of the disturbing yet sad snake facts. 

20. If you order, Cobra blood wine in Vietnam, the bartender will take a live cobra, slice its belly, and drain the blood into a glass of rice wine. The alcohol denatures the venom, which makes the wine completely safe to drink.

Must know Facts about Snakes

21. There are many misinterpretations about how to deal with a snake attack. However, when treating a snake wound, one must never wash the wound off with water. Rinsing a snake bite with water will make it harder for emergency respondents to identify which snake bit them. This will hinder the process since they won’t know which treatment to administer. 

22. About 1 in every 3 adult humans have a snake phobia, making this one of the most common reported phobia.

23. Longer and larger snakes have longer lifespans. 

24. With an exception of hair, claws, and feathers, Snakes can digest everything.

25. Snakes can survive two years without food by digesting their organs.

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you had fun while reading 25 Scary snake facts.

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