20 Interesting Facts About Hungary That Will Blow Your Mind

20 Interesting Facts About Hungary That Will Blow Your Mind

Welcome to Hungary, a landlocked country in Central Europe that’s full of surprises! From its stunning capital city of Budapest to its picturesque countryside dotted with charming villages, Hungary is a destination that truly has it all. But there’s more to Hungary than just its beauty – this country boasts a rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, and a fascinating history that’s sure to intrigue any traveler. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or simply a lover of adventure, Hungary is a destination that will capture your heart and leave you wanting more. Join us as we explore the top Hungary facts that inspire you to pack your bags and head to this enchanting country today!

1-5 Fun Facts About Hungary

20 Interesting Facts About Hungary That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Did you know that in 2006, Hungary held a public online vote to name a new bridge, and Stephen Colbert, an American comedian, mobilized his viewers to vote for the bridge to be named after him? With a population of only 10 million people, Hungary received a whopping 17 million votes in support of the name “Stephen Colbert Bridge”!

2. If you’re thinking about denying the Holocaust in Hungary, think again! It’s illegal in 16 countries, including Hungary, where you could face up to 3 years in the slammer for spreading nonsense.

3. Want to name your kid something unique in Hungary? Well, you better fill out some paperwork, because you can only choose from a pre-approved list of names. Sorry, Moon Unit Zappa, you’re out of luck.

4. Between 1950 and 1956, the Hungary national football team only suffered one defeat. Sadly, It occurred during the World Cup final.

5. As a result of being a major loser in both World Wars, Hungary lost 71% of its territory twice, once in 1920 and again in 1945.

6-10 Interesting Facts About Hungary

20 Interesting Facts About Hungary That Will Blow Your Mind

6. In the 1940s, Hungary experienced one of the worst hyperinflations in recorded history. And the country even issued a banknote with a denomination of 100 quintillion Hungarian pengős, worth approximately US $0.20.

7. Kings and thrones go together like peanut butter and jelly, but King Bela I of Hungary learned the hard way that you can’t always trust a piece of furniture. When his throne broke beneath him, he suffered injuries that led to his untimely demise.

8. In a bizarre historical fact, Louis II of Hungary was born prematurely in 1506, and doctors kept him alive by wrapping him in warm animal carcasses as a primitive incubator.

9. Did you know that in 1941, the President of Haiti declared war on six countries: Japan, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania? However, only Romania bothered to declare war on Haiti in return.

10. Hungary is home to a unique breed of pig that is fleecy like a sheep and has reddish meat like a cow. The pig was created by breeding together a wild boar, and a pig specifically bred for lard. And apparently, it is delicious!

11-15 Surprising Facts About Hungary

11. Hungary may not be the biggest country, but when it comes to the Olympics, they know how to win. They’ve won the second most gold medals in the Summer Games of all countries per capita.

12. Hungary is a pretty religious country. Around two-thirds of the population are Roman Catholic, with about a quarter being Calvinists. And then you’ve got some Lutherans, Jews, and Greek Orthodox folks threw in there for good measure.

20 Interesting Facts About Hungary That Will Blow Your Mind

13. Texas isn’t the only place where you can find cowboys. The Hungarian people famously rode into Europe on horseback, and even today, cowboys can be seen in the plains of Puszta.

14. Hungarians have made significant contributions to the field of invention, including the Rubik’s cube, ballpoint pen, holography, the thermographic camera, digital computing, and the first functional helicopter.

15. In Hungary, the word “Hello” is used as a way of saying goodbye rather than as a greeting.

16-20 Awesome Facts About Hungary

16. Hungary’s central bank is doing pretty unique to help poor people stay warm during cold snaps. They’re literally burning money! Okay, not like stacks of hundred-dollar bills or anything, but they’re using old, worn-out bills as fuel for heating. Hey, if it helps people stay warm, then why not?

17. So, you know how every culture has its version of the boogeyman? Well, Hungary’s version is a giant owl with a copper penis. Yes, you heard that right. This creature, known as “Rézfaszú bagoly,” is the stuff of nightmares. And to think, I used to be scared of regular owls!

18. Hungary is older than France, Germany, and England. 

19. Legend has it that during the Revolution of 1848, 13 Hungarian generals were executed in Austria, and the Austrians clinked their glasses after each execution. To honor the generals’ memory, Hungarians refuse to clink their glasses. It may sound strange, but it just goes to show how deeply rooted history and tradition are in Hungarian culture.

20 Interesting Facts About Hungary That Will Blow Your Mind

20. Budapest, the capital city, has more thermal water springs than any other capital in the world. That’s right! Budapest has beaten every other city out there with its hot, steamy goodness. And, It has over 1,500 thermal spas all across the country.

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