20 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

20 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a man of many talents and one of America’s most cherished founding fathers. From his experiments with electricity to his role in drafting the Constitution, Franklin left an indelible mark on history. But beyond his political and scientific accomplishments, there was a wealth of fascinating stories, quirks, and wit that made him truly one of a kind. So join us as we delve into the life and legacy of this extraordinary man and discover some of the most interesting Benjamin Franklin facts you never knew!

1-5 Fun Facts About Benjamin Franklin

1. Benjamin Franklin, the Renaissance man of the American Revolution, was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. He lived a long life of 85 years.

2. This Founding Father wasn’t just your average political leader. He was the jack of all trades and master of them all. Benjamin excelled as an author, printer, political theorist, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, and diplomat. 

3. He was the mastermind behind the American Philosophical Society, serving as its first secretary and later as its president in 1769.

4. Let’s not forget that he also wrote a scientific essay about farts titled “Fart Proudly.”

20 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

5. Franklin was ahead of his time, advocating for the abolition of slavery as early as 1790.

6-10 Interesting Facts About Benjamin Franklin

6. He was a big believer in the benefits of fresh air and often took “air baths” by spending an hour naked, reading, or writing in his house.

7. The man was so talented that when he invented his harmonica, it became a big hit in Europe and was even featured in compositions by Mozart and Beethoven.

8. Benjamin Franklin was quite the jet setter, making 8 Atlantic crossings in his lifetime and being the first to map out the Gulf Stream. He was basically the Google Maps of the 18th century!

9. Franklin had an illegitimate son who remained loyal to the British and fled to London after the war. He lived there for the rest of his life. 

20 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

10. To keep himself on the straight and narrow, Franklin lived his life by a set of 13 rules he called “the 13 virtues.” He wrote them down when he was just 20.

11-15 Awesome Facts About Benjamin Franklin

20 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

11. He was also a chess master.

12. This Founding Father was well-educated, receiving honorary degrees from both Harvard and Yale universities. Smart & wise, what more could you ask for?

20 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

13. Benjamin Franklin was the richest-person in the United States in 1785, living the American Dream to the fullest!

14. He was a pioneer in the study of slave demography. 

15. He wasn’t afraid to shake things up, proposing a new phonetic alphabet that did away with the letters C, J, Q, W, X, and Y. But alas, the American public wasn’t ready for change. Better luck next time, Ben!

16-20 Insane Facts About Benjamin Franklin

20 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

16. At just 11 years old, Franklin showed his innovative spirit by inventing swim fins. His contribution to swimming earned him a spot in the International Swimming Hall of Fame. 

17. With a heart for the visually impaired, Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal eyeglasses in 1784.

18. And those high shelves with books out of reach? No problem! Franklin invented a mechanical arm to grab them for you. This guy was always thinking ahead!

19. In recognition of his electrifying work with electricity, Franklin was awarded the Royal Society’s Copley Medal in 1753. He was a true genius and a force to be reckoned with.

20 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

20. Despite all his awesome inventions, Franklin never felt the need to patent any of them. He reasoned that “we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously.” What a guy!

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you had fun while reading 20 Interesting Facts about Benjamin Franklin that you should know.

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