20 Surprising Facts about John F. Kennedy That Will Amaze You

20 Surprising Facts about John F. Kennedy That Will Amaze You

Ladies and Gentlemen gather round as we dive into the life of one of the most iconic figures in American history – John F. Kennedy. From his charming smile to his legendary words, JFK left a lasting impression on the world. But did you know that behind the presidential façade lies a quirky, humorous, and sometimes even mischievous side of Kennedy? Join us as we explore some of the most amusing and lesser-known facts about the 35th President of the United States. Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a good laugh, this article will give you a fresh perspective on JFK. So get ready!

1-5 Fun Facts about John F. Kennedy

1. John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States, serving from January 1961 until his untimely death in November 1963.

2. JFK remains the youngest U.S. president to have died to date.

20 Surprising Facts about John F. Kennedy That Will Amaze You

3. JFK’s application to Harvard was brief, consisting of just 5 sentences.

4. JFK demonstrated his philanthropy by donating all of his salaries, from his time as a Congressman and as President, to charity.

5. To reduce the cost of the space program, JFK proposed a unique solution, a joint moon expedition with the Soviet Union.

6-10 Awesome Facts about John F. Kennedy

6. JFK was always one step ahead, even when it came to eavesdropping. He secretly installed a taping system in the White House in 1962.

7. In 1999, the Zapruder family received a significant payout from the U.S. government for the iconic film of JFK’s assassination, amounting to 16 million dollars.

8. Just hours before signing the embargo against Cuba, JFK indulged in a little vice and bought 1,200 Cuban cigars.

9. JFK was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and if he had lived, he would have inherited a fortune estimated at an eye-watering 1 billion dollars

10. In 1958, Larry King had a close encounter of the car kind with JFK. JFK kept his cool and offered to forget the whole thing if King promised to vote for him in the presidential race. Now that’s the political charm!

11-15 Interesting Facts about John F. Kennedy

11. Leonard Nimoy was once just a struggling actor trying to make ends meet, but little did he know that one fateful cab ride would take him from driving JFK to exploring the universe as Mr. Spock. Who knew a message written on a coconut could change the course of history?

 12. When JFK’s PT boat was sunk, he got creative and wrote a distress call on a coconut that eventually led to his rescue. He kept that coconut as a presidential paperweight.

20 Surprising Facts about John F. Kennedy That Will Amaze You

13. When a little girl wrote to JFK worried about Santa Claus during the Soviet’s nuclear testing, JFK wrote back to assure her that he spoke with Santa and that he was safe and sound. 

14. JFK was a trailblazer, even in the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. When he found out it was a men-only event, he refused to attend unless women were allowed to. Thanks to his stance, the dinner was opened up to everyone.

15. And, despite the official findings, 62% of Americans believe that JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy with an official cover-up. 

16-20 Shocking Facts about JFK

16. Before President Kennedy’s assassination, it was not considered a federal crime to kill the President or Vice President of the United States.

17. Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of killing President Kennedy, was not initially arrested for his murder. He got arrested for fatally shooting a police officer 45 minutes after Kennedy’s death.

20 Surprising Facts about John F. Kennedy That Will Amaze You

18. The late President’s brain was removed during his autopsy and was stored in the National Archive. Unfortunately, it has since gone missing ever since.

19. The shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of killing President Kennedy, was the first known human killing captured live on television.

20. The assassination of JFK resulted in all three U.S. television networks interrupting their regular programming for four consecutive days to cover the event. It marked the longest uninterrupted news coverage until the events of September 11th.

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you had fun while reading 20 Interesting Facts about John F. Kennedy that you should know.

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