30 Shocking Batman facts that every fan should know

30 Shocking Batman facts that every fan should know

Many superheroes are superheroes because they have superpowers that are soo godly that they make people fall in love with them just by looking at their powers.

And then there is Batman, A superhero with no superpowers, and still manages to be one of the greatest superheroes of all time.

And What makes Batman one of the best superheroes is…..

Unlike his colleagues who are literally gods, Batman is just a human and still isn’t afraid to get hurt and fight for what he believes in.

Batman gets hurt while doing what he believes is right, doesn’t even have regeneration or healing abilities that even a basic hero/villain has, he is just another human being, and Batman knows all of these.

But despite facing all these odds and knowing his own weakness, Batman still goes out every day relentlessly to save the day!

And in my opinion, he is one of the greatest superheroes of all time that I’ve come across.

So today, We have decided to make a list of 30 facts about Batman that you should know about this iconic superhero.

From How Joker was almost killed, to the IQ of Bruce Wayne, Here are the 30 Batman facts that will surprise the living hell out of the fans

1-5 Crazy Batman Facts

30 Batman facts that will surprise the living hell out of the fans

1. Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.

2. Batman’s fame came from his comic release in 1940, but he first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939.

3. Believe it or not, But in the first few drawings, Batman had wings.

However, these were removed because Bob Kane and Bill Finger believed that it would have been a bit of an inconvenience to have them poking out while he was fighting crime or swinging down from ropes.

4. Batman’s sidekick, Robin, first appeared in April 1940.

And after his appearance, the sales of the Batman comics almost doubled.

Readers did love Robin, Didn’t they?

5. But the love didn’t last long, just like Batman’s parents.

In 1988, Readers were asked to call in a vote to whether Robin should live or die after being tied up in a warehouse set to explode.

In the poll results, 5043 generous readers voted in favor of Robin to live.
Sadly, 5271 sadistic readers voted so that they could see him get killed, and they got their wish granted.

6-10 Crazy Batman Facts

30 Batman facts that will surprise the living hell out of the fans

6. But what’s worse is….

Bruce Wayne and Robin were accused of having a more than friends relationship by psychiatrist Dr. Frederic Wertham in the 1950s, who believed the two were romantically involved.

I mean, it’s really hard for the reader to even imagine this kind of pathetic scenario.

7. But back in the 1930s, He would often throw gangsters from rooftops to their death, and he even killed their henchmen with a fcking machine gun.

This is quite a different Batman from what we know about him today, but those were in his young days. So let’s cut him some slack.

8. The cover of World’s Finest Comics #9, shows Robin Batman Superman throwing baseballs at the Axis heads of Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo.

9. In a rare crossover between Marvel and DC, Amalgam universe, Iconic badass characters, Batman, and Wolverine, were merged into a next-level badass character known as Logan Wayne, AKA Dark Claw.

10. Surprisingly, Batman’s favorite food is not revenge served along with justice.

It is Mulligatawny soup, the national soup of India.

11-15 Crazy Batman Facts

11. In an issue from 1966, Batman can be seen throwing a can of Bat-Female-Villain-Repellant, unarguably the greatest ever gadget used by a comic book character.

12. While Burt Ward, the actor who played Robin in the TV series, was making a speech at Harvard University in the 1980s, Conan O’Brien, who was a student at that time, dressed up as a security guard and stole the Robin costume.

13. There is a city named Batman in Turkey, and it was formerly known as Iluha before it changed its name to Batman in 1957. 

And Ironically, this Batman city has tried to sue Christopher Nolan for using the City’s name in his films. 

However, this lawsuit failed because the comics debuted 18 years before the city had changed its name.

So they should be happy that they didn’t get a lawsuit filed against them for using Batman’s name as their city name.

14. Bruce Wayne is said to have an IQ of 192, which is higher than that of Albert Einstein.

15. The guy who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents is named Joe Chill.

16-20 Crazy Batman Facts

16. A publication called ‘Batman Unauthorized’, states that it would cost you over $300 million to be able to equip yourself with all of his gadgets. Most of this budget would be for the supercomputer and construction for the Batcave itself. However, this budget does not account for the boat, plane, and space station that Batman occasionally uses.

So yeah, you can be Batman for $300 million but not Bruce Wayne.

17. Batman and Joker unarguably have one of the best protagonist-antagonist dynamics in the comic universe. But, it almost ended in the first issue by writers.

In its first comic, the writers were mainly concerned about having a reoccurring villain appear. They believed that this would make Batman seem weak and unable to finish the job. However, this was overruled by an editor, and now the Joker is one of the most iconic villains in comic book history. And since then, Joker appeared in over 12 different Batman comics.

18. Warner brothers first went to Michael Jackson to ask him to write songs for the movie, but Jackson didn’t commit due to his touring schedule.

So the role went to another fabulous artist, Prince.

19. Our beloved Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill, also voiced for the Joker in the 1992’s animated Batman series.

20. In Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, Christian Bale suffered crippling headaches and claustrophobia from wearing the Bat-suit.

To avoid this in the next films, the suit made for Dark Knight consisted of 200 pieces of fiberglass, rubber, and nylon.

21-25 Crazy Batman Facts

21. If not for Superman, Batman almost took the number 1 spot on IGN’s ‘Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time’ list.

22. As of 2021, The Batman franchise is worth over $27.7 billion.

23. A whopping one million dollars were spent to ensure real penguins were used in the filming of Batman Returns. 

24. If you are wondering who is richer, Tony Stark or Batman?

Then here’s the answer.

According to Forbes, Bruce Wayne is worth 9.2 billion dollars

Meanwhile, Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, narrowly edges out Wayne in the battle of billionaire playboys as his net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $12.4 billion.

25. During the filming of Batman Begins in Chicago, a person accidentally crashed into the bat mobile, the driver was drunk and said he hid the car in a state of panic believing that bat mobile was an alien spacecraft.

26-30 Crazy Batman Facts

30 Batman facts that will surprise the living hell out of the fans

26. The little kid who talks to Batman in Batman Begins is played by Jack Gleeson, who went on to play the role of Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones.

If only Batman knew how much people suffered in Westeros due to his actions 😢

27. After he found the entry of Gotham Jwelleres in a telephone book, Bill Finger changed Batman’s turf from Manhattan to Gotham city.

28. Bruce Wayne’s online handle is JonDoe297.

29. The original ears on Batman’s suit for the first movie had to be re-done cause they were too big for the batmobile.

Damn, this has to be the most ridiculous thing they have done for that movie 🙂

In addition to that, the initial scripts for the 1989 Batman included Robin.

30. Wayne Enterprises are valued at $31.3 billion.

That’s it for this post guys.

I Hope you enjoyed our post on 30 Batman facts that will surprise the living hell out of the fans

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