55 Shocking Attack On Titan Facts that you must know

55 Shocking Attack On Titan Facts that you must know

“Attack on Titan” is unarguably one of the popular anime series right now. With 9.21 rating it is the most rated anime on MAL. And the only anime that stopped it was all time classic, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

While the basic premise of the series is humanity’s fight for survival against monstrous giants, there’s a lot more below the surface and behind the series’ creation than first meets the eye.

So like usual we have decided to make a post on this masterpiece.

From creator’s favorite character to when will the manga end. Here are 55 Shocking Attack On Titan Facts that you need to know.

1-5 Attack On Titan Facts

1. Hajime Isyama’s favorite character is Jean Kirschtein. Cause Isayma admires how Jean says what he wants without worrying about what other people think. But it was all in the past.

2. In more recent interviews, Isayama has stated that Reiner Bruan is his present favorite character

3. Originally, Eren was going to know that he is a titan all along. But thankfully, Isayama scrapped the idea.

4. Levi is the came on top in the 1st character popularity poll, Eren took the second place, While our favorite girl, Mikasa took the 3rd place. 

But things have turned out way different in second and third polls. Keep reading our post to know who ended up top 3 in three AOT character popularity polls.

5. Isayama has said that Mikasa will choose not to wear her precious scarf if it’s too hot outside.

6-10 Attack On Titan Facts

Moblit and Hange

6. Isayama has revealed that Eren’s titan form is based on Yushin Okami, a mixed Japanese martial artist. Isayama felt that he had the ” ideal physique of a middleweight mixed martial artist”.

7. Moblit is Hange’s second in command as well as her assistant. But that’s not all. He is also the heaviest drinker in the survey corps. Isayama has said that this is due to his unfortunate position.

8. Marnia Inoue, the voice actor of Armin, is also the voice of the show’s narrator.

9. Mikasa translates to 3 bamboo hats.

10. Isayama has said he received a strange phone call from his following the success of his series. They were curious about the sudden increase of funds in his savings. He postulated ” they probably thought I was running some bank transfer scam. This has to be the funniest fact on this post.

11-15 Attack On Titan Facts

11. Armin’s Birthday is on November 3rd, and It suits him. Cause in Japan, The day is celebrated as culture day, promoting academics, culture, and the fine arts.

12. Isayama made the theme of AOT cause he thought, ” Giants are kind of Gross”.

Seriously, Guys, Who do you think are more gross. Let me know in the comments.

13. In the Simpsons episode ” Treehouse of Horror xxv”, Lisa was shown dressed as Mikasa. She even used 3D Maneuver Gear.

14. With over 100 million copies sold, Attack on Titan is the 14th most selling manga of all time.  

15. Mike is the tallest human character in the series at a looming 6’5″.

16-20 Attack On Titan Facts

16. It is most likely possible that Erwin Rommel, known as “Desert Fox,” was served as the main source of inspiration for Erwin Smith.

Believe me this you won’t regret knowing more about Erwin Rommel. This man is awesome in every way possible.

17. Aspects of Levi’s design and personality are were based on Rorshach from Watchmen.

18. On average, Levi only sleeps around 2 to 3 hours a day. 

19. Marco’s birthday is on June 16th, Which is exactly halfway through the year. This takes a whole new meaning when you find that half of his body is found. Maybe if he would’ve born in January, he would have died in a better way.

20. Some of the titans are even modeled after friends and acquaintances of Isayama. Sometimes he even takes requests from fans .

21-25 Attack On Titan Facts

21. Eren has the highest kill rate of any of the 104 Trainee squad.

22. The official website for the show confirmed that Ymir’s feelings for Krista are romantic. The anime’s producer, George Wanda, also stated that the two are a couple.

23. Hajime Isayama first brought his one short version of AOT to Shueisha in hopes it would be published in Weekly Shounen Jump. They advised him to revise his style and story to make it more suitable for the magazine. He declined and took it to Kodansha, where it was almost accepted immediately and published in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

24. Eren’s voice actor Yuki Kaji cried while reading the script of the final season.

25. According to Isayama, Erwin stays single because he doesn’t know when he’ll die. Lucky for the Nile because they were in love with the same woman.

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26-30 Attack On Titan Facts

Nordlingen, Germany

26. Isayama revealed that Levi sometimes wishes that he was a bit taller.

27. Attack On Titan has 7 episodes rated 9.9 or above. While Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones have 7 combined.

28. Hange is shown as a female in both anime and live-action film. But things aren’t so clear in the manga. Regarding this issue, Isayama has said that it is up to the readers to decide because he thinks “Either one is fine”.

29. It is mentioned at one point that Mikasa is ” Worth a thousand soldiers.” This line is pulled from the Tales of the Heike, where it is used to describe Tomoe Gozen, a legendary female warrior of Japan.

30. The appearance of the walled city in AOT was inspired by Nordlingen in Germany.

31-35 Attack On Titan Facts

Armin and Beard Titan

31. There is a crossover comic called “Attack On Avenger,” Where some of your favorite Marvel characters go against Titans. 

32. Levi is a Tea enthusiast. He enjoys collecting Tea leaves and is fond of black tea. Isayama has even said that Levi once wanted to open a tea shop.

33. Eren’s desire to go outside the walls stems from Isayama’s childhood. He grew in a village surrounded by mountains, and always wanted to see what was beyond them. The area surrounding walls was inspired by Isayama’s village.

34. Levi’s birthday is December 25, which is on Christmas eve. We don’t whether they celebrate it inside the walls but there a titan that looks like Santa Claus in the series.

35. If Isayama could say one thing to Levi, it would be ” Go quickly to sleep.” Levi suffers from slight bouts of Insomnia.

36-40 Attack On Titan Facts

36. An Interview with Isayama’s editor revealed that everyone’s favorite potato girl, Sasha, was set to be killed off in manga chapter 36. Thankfully, the editor managed to change Isayama’s mind.

37. The Planned death of Sasha was so brutal that the editor went to the bathroom and cried after Isayama presented it. But after watch new episode, it looks like he just kept her death on hold.

38. The previous ‘Attack on Titan’ editor was handed an 11-year prison term for the murder of his wife.

39. Jean is said to have a “horse face” because of his long countenance. It’s a recurring gag in the series with both Erena and Hitch bringing up.

40. Levi Ackerman, Erwin Smith, and Eren Yeager ended up top 3 in Attack On Titan Second Character Popularity Poll.

41-45 Attack On Titan Facts

41. Before becoming Mangaka, Isayama worked at an Internet Cafe. While working at an internet cafe, Isayama encountered a customer who grabbed him by the collar. It was this incident that showed him “the fear of meeting a person I can’t communicate with”, which is the feeling that he conveys through the Titans. Thus he created the scary Titans.

42. In the anime, there is a titan based on Isayama himself.

43. Isayama revealed that among the 104th Trainee squad, Reiner was the most popular boy.

44. Out of all the manga’s Isayama has read, He claims that Arms or Project Arms influenced him the most. Gotta give it a read.

45. Brock Lesnar inspired the humanoid model for Armored Titan.

46-50 Attack On Titan Facts

46. According to Isayama the figures of female titan are 860,660 and 860. Remove the zero from the female titan’s figures you will get the figures of Annie.

47. Seriously things changed drastically in the Attack On Titan third Character Popularity Poll. The GOAT, Erwin Smith bagged the first place. Humanity’s strongest, Levi took ended up the second and Hange Zoe took the third spot. While our Main Character, Eren ended up fourth.

48. Apparently, Levi cuts his hair by himself.

49. If you think Armin and Nifa look-alike, you’re not alone. Isayama said that even the characters themselves are likely aware of the resemblance to one another because it is often mentioned by other people.

50. According to Isayama, the characters in AOT don’t shower as much as you would in modern Japan. They reside in a culture that doesn’t mind body odor.

51-55 Attack On Titan Facts

51. Isayama originally planned to give the series a tragic conclusion, where every character dies. However, positive response to the manga and anime has caused the author to consider changing the ending due to the impact it could have on fans.

52. Mikasa was the first character Isayama came up with when he was initially developing Attack On Titan.

53. Based on statistics from Attack On Titan guide book, Hange and Zeke are the two smartest characters in the series.

54. All of the walls protecting Humanity from Titans are exactly 50 meters tall.

55. The Attack On Titan manga will end on 9th April 2021.

55 Shocking Attack On Titan Facts that you must know

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