20 Crazy Facts About Joker That Will Blow Your Mind

20 Crazy Facts About Joker That Will Blow Your Mind

Welcome to the twisted world of the Joker, one of the most iconic comic book villains of all time. Whether you know him from the pages of DC Comics or his appearances in film and television, the Joker has captured the imagination of audiences for decades. From his chaotic personality to his terrifying crimes, there’s no denying that the Joker is a fascinating character. So, put on a smile, and let’s dive into 20 mind-bending Joker facts that will make you say, “Why so serious?”

1-5 Fun Facts About Joker

20 Crazy Facts About Joker That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Hold onto your seats, folks! DC Comics has finally revealed the real name of the iconic villain, The Joker. And it is none other than “Jack Oswald White.” 

2. It’s hard to imagine Batman without The Joker, but did you know that he was originally supposed to die during his first appearance? Bob Kane had no plans for him to make another appearance in the series. Thankfully, The Joker had other plans!

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3. The Joker’s popularity knew no bounds in 1975, with DC Comics even attempting to give him his comic. 

4. Back in the 1940s and 1950s, The Joker was more violent than he is today. 

5. Due to falling into a vat of unknown chemicals, He is immune to fear of toxins and other drugs. 

6-10 Interesting Facts About Joker

20 Crazy Facts About Joker That Will Blow Your Mind

6. Joker’s Actor Joaquin Phoenix Based His Laugh On Videos Of People Suffering From Pathological Laughter

7. In a crossover comic special that shook the world, Marvel and DC came together in 1997 to create “Batman/Captain America.” And in this comic, The Joker steals an atomic bomb after being hired by Red Skull. But when he finds out that Red Skull is a Nazi, he attacks him, declaring that he may be a criminal lunatic, but he’s an American criminal lunatic. Now that’s a twist!

20 Crazy Facts About Joker That Will Blow Your Mind

8. Here’s a fun fact – did you know that The Joker once served as the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations? The world truly is a strange and wondrous place.

9. Did you know that Robin Williams was initially offered the role of The Joker in the 1989 “Batman” film? However, Warner Brothers only made the offer to lure their first choice, Jack Nicholson, into signing on. Williams was not happy when he found out and even demanded an apology from the film studio.

10. In the movie The Dark Knight, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont had a cameo role where he shouted at the Joker “we are not intimidated by thugs.” A longtime Batman fan, Leahy has made appearances in every other Batman film since Batman Forever.

11-15 Crazy Facts About Joker

11. For his role as the Joker, Heath Ledger went above and beyond by creating a character diary filled with unsettling images and disturbing thoughts. The diary included stills from “A Clockwork Orange,” pictures of hyenas, and even jokes about AIDS and landmines. Ledger’s dedication to the character was truly remarkable.

12. Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker was so intense and chilling that it even scared Michael Cain, causing him to forget his lines.

13. The scars on the face of The Joker in “The Dark Knight” are actually a wound called a Glasgow smile, which originated in Glasgow, Scotland, but became popular with English street gangs. 

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20 Crazy Facts About Joker That Will Blow Your Mind

14. Did you know that Heath Ledger actually directed the homemade Joker videos in “The Dark Knight” all by himself? That’s right, he took it upon himself to create these eerie and unsettling videos that perfectly captured the Joker’s twisted personality.

15. One marketing campaign for “The Dark Knight” was so convincing that it prompted a San Antonio news station to call in a Bomb Squad after receiving a suspicious cake with wires sticking out of it. The box even had a number written on it that made the cake vibrate when dialed, and it came with a note signed by the Joker. 

16-20 Surprising Facts About Joker

16. Michael Uslan, the man who taught the first college course on comics, has been instrumental in bringing Batman to life on the big screen. He not only bought the film rights to Batman but also produced all of the modern Batman movies and animated series. Uslan’s passion for the dark and gritty side of Batman has paid off.

17. In an alternate timeline comics series, Bruce Wayne is killed, and his mother becomes a female Joker while his father takes on a much darker and more violent persona as Batman. 

20 Crazy Facts About Joker That Will Blow Your Mind

18. Hold up, wait a minute! Did you know that there are three Jokers in DC Comics? That’s right, three different versions of the iconic villain that we’ve all come to love (and fear).

19. The inspiration behind The Joker’s design is quite fascinating. According to Jerry Robinson, the man behind the iconic villain’s creation, it was actor Conrad Veidt’s grinning visage as Gwynplaine in “The Man Who Laughs” that inspired the design we all know and love (or fear).

20. In the DC universe’s opposite world, Bizarro World, the only sane person on the planet is Bizarro Joker. Talk about a role reversal!

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you had fun while reading 20 Interesting Joker Facts.

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