44 Legendary Star Wars Facts That Every Fan Should Know

Star Wars is unarguably one of the best space operas of all time.

It has everything like a giant sandbox of a universe filled with different characters, Interspecies aliens, Space cowboys, Space Samurais, Force, Cool Space ships and battles between them, and most importantly Lightsaber to make your inner child happy.

Additionally, The series crosses so many different genres as well.

It’s a love story, an adventure movie, an action movie, science-fiction, and fantasy.

There is a little bit of everything in these movies.

These are the things that everyone who has watched Star Wars knows.

But there are things like How Yoda could almost have been a monkey instead of what he is now.

It is so hard to imagine Yoda being a monkey after seeing adorable Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian, But it could have happened.

Just like this, there are several things about Star Wars that many would love to know as they don’t know.

So, I decided to make a list of 44 Legendary Star Wars Facts that even fans don’t know.

Please enjoy 🙂

1-11 Legendary Star Wars Facts

44 Amazing Star Wars Facts

1. The first six movies of the franchise were written by the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas.

2. George Lucas was credited as a screenwriter on all the films except for the Empire Strikes Back.

He also directed all the movies except for the return of the Jedi, and again the Empire Strikes Back.

3. Moreover, When George Lucas was asked about “Which Star Wars film is the worst?”

He answered, “The Empire Strikes Back.”

4. As of 2020, Star Wars franchise’s total value was estimated to be $70 billion.

And it is currently the fifth-highest-grossing media franchise of all time.

5. Talking about the big bucks. 

In 2012, the Walt Disney company luckily caught the bargain and bought Lucasfilm for just $4.05 billion.

So, In addition to the Star Wars franchise, Walt Disney also owns the Indiana Jones franchise. 

6. Star Wars was the first-ever science fiction film to be nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award.

7. Star Wars: A New Hope is the film that inspired Young James Cameron to quit his job as a truck driver and join the film industry in 1997.

8. Filming in Tunisia was so hot that they had to change the c3po costume from plastic to fiberglass. The actor Anthony Daniels got soo uncomfortable in the suit that he seriously considered not doing the rest of the film, which is understandable if you feel like you’re walking around the desert in a golden slow cooker.

But he did stick around and got the reward for his hardships, As he is the only actor to appear in all of the Star Wars feature films (except for Solo: A Star Wars Story)

9. Everyone’s favorite droid, R2D2, is played by the English actor and stand-up comedian, Kenny Baker.

10. Apparently, when the casting crew went for lunch, they would often forget that Kenny Baker was inside the R2D2 suit and leave without him.

This has to be the most R2D2 thing ever.

11. The lightsaber sounds are a combination of old projector and television static.

12-22 Legendary Star Wars Facts

44 Amazing Star Wars Facts

12. The role of Chewbacca, the non-English Speaking Copilot, was inspired by Lucas’s Dog sitting up in the front seat of the car.

In fact, Chewbacca’s name is derived from the Russian word for dog, Sobaka.

13. Vader in Dutch means Father.

14. Jedi Master Yoda’s name in the original script of the Empire Strikes Back was Buffy.

15. George Lucas’s first choice for Han Solo wasn’t actually Harrison Ford. He wanted Christopher Walken to do the role. Other actors on the Han Solo list included Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, and Burt Reynolds.

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16. As of 2020, Star Wars movies have grossed a worldwide box office revenue of over $10 billion.

17. In the Star Wars universe, lightsabers commonly have red, green, or blue.

However, Mace Windu is seen as the only character in the Star Wars films to use a purple Lightsaber.
According to George Lucas, Samuel L. Jackson specifically requested his lightsaber to be a purple color. Since it would not affect the story or the character’s background, Lucas allowed Jackson to wield a purple lightsaber.

18. Han Solo gets his hands on a Light Saber in the opening act for The Empire Strikes Back, becoming the only non-Jedi character to do so in the original trilogy.

19. The total production cost for one iconic Lightsaber for the first Star Wars film was just $13.

20. Harrison Ford did a lot of improvisation during the original trilogy by not learning his lines for the intercom scene to make it look more realistic.

21. One of the biggest debates in the Star Wars fandom is whether or not Han Solo shot Greedo first.

Originally, Greedo did not shoot at all, but George Lucas then changed this in the 1997 special edition. So small Lazer blast appeared from Greedo’s gun because he felt without it Han looked like a cold-blooded Killer. Fans were outraged at this, so in 2004 it was re-edited again so they fire at a similar time.

22. Tupac Shakur reportedly auditioned for the role of Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson).

23-33 Legendary Star Wars Facts

23. The iconic Death Star itself is 160 kilometers in diameter.

24. And according to Star Wars reference books, the population of the Death Star was 1.7 million military personnel, 400,000 maintenance droids, and 250,000 civilians/ associated contractors and catering staff.

25. Alec Guinness, the actor who played Obi-Wan Kenobi, said to his friends while making the film that it was very fairy tale rubbish with excruciating dialogue, but said that the end product was an exciting but noisy spectacle.

But for playing in the noisy spectacle, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

So come on, mate, don’t be like that. You have played one of our favorite characters.

26. C-3PO is fluent in over six million different languages.

27. To bring Yoda on the big screen, the production team considered everything from a school child in a costume to even a monkey in a mask.

The problem continued until the arrival of the puppeteer Frank oz, The voice of Miss Piggy, and the Cookie Monster.

Frank Oz helped create Yoda as a puppet, gave him his trademark voice, and made Yoda the lovable character that he is today.

28. Long before Yoda was brought to screen, they planned to dress up a real monkey in a Yoda costume and mask.

Luckily, a crew member who’d previously worked on 2001: A Space Odyssey shared that the apes used in that movie’s opening were a huge headache, which was enough to convince Empire’s filmmakers to sack the idea.

29. According to Samuel L. Jackson, there was an engraving on the hilt of his lightsaber reading, “bad motherfucker”.

30. According to the film director, Irvin Kershner, he made special instructions to the makers of the Master Yoda prop to give the character eyes that resemble Albert Einstein to bring more life to the character.

31. Alec Guinness made a deal with George Lucas in attaining 2% of the gross box office receipts of the original trilogy.

As a result of this deal, Alec Guinness hit a jackpot that earned him around $95 million in value at the time, despite him referring to the original trilogy being in bad taste.

32. The small Polynesian island of Niue, 1,500 miles off the coast of New Zealand, is the only place on this planet where you can pay for goods and services using collectible coins featuring Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and other Star Wars characters.

33. Originally, Luke Skywalker’s name was supposed to be Luke Starkiller.

34-44 Legendary Star Wars Facts

34. Darth Vader has topped the list of most popular Star Wars characters in an IGN poll.

35. During the several-month shoot, Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca, had to be constantly surrounded by bodyguards in bright vests, to protect him from hunters. 

The reason for this is, In costume, Mayhew could’ve easily been mistaken for a bear.

But more hilariously, the bodyguards had to protect the actor from people searching the forest for Bigfoot.

Yeah, you heard that right, that Bigfoot, the mythical, ape-like creature. We would have believed this is just another tall tale, but Mayhew himself confirmed this is real.

36. The first Star Wars film took 4 years for production to complete.

37. James Earl Jones (Darth Vader voice) was so sure the film would be a flop that he refused to allow his name to be published on the original credits of A New Hope.

Well, well, well. How the turntables

38. Chewbacca can’t speak Basic( What English is called in Star Wars) cause of the strange vocal cords Wookiees have.

39. Wookiees have an average life span of 400 years.

40. When Star Wars was released in 1997, 20th Century Fox’s stock doubled within 3 weeks of its debut.

41. George Lucas hired several crew members from 2001: A Space Odyssey movie to work on the Star Wars franchise.

42. George Lucas makes his first and last appearance in the film as a Pantoran Senator with blue paint all over his body. You can see him in the corner for a short while during a scene in the fourth movie of the franchise, Revenge of the Sith.

43. According to Geroge Lucas, Steven Spielberg came very close to being able to direct a Star Wars film. George Lucas stated that he was his first choice to direct the film, The Return of the Jedi.

However, the Directors Guild of America did not allow Steven Sperberg to direct the film.

As a result, the role went to Richard Alfred Marquand in 1983.

All thanks to DGA, We didn’t get a Spielberg-directed Star Wars film.

44. Moreover, Steven Spielberg was the one who suggested John Williams as the composer for Star Wars after working with him on Jaws.

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