25 Mysterious Johnny Depp Facts that will let you know him better

25 Mysterious Johnny Depp Facts that will let you know him better

There are a lot of things you could say about Johnny Deep.

You could say he is a great actor with an incredible range, you can call him a terrific musician. You could call him a children’s hero. And you can even call him a pretty weird guy.

All of those are accurate in their own right but put them all together and you have yourself one of the most charming and eccentric celebrities that has entered our lives.

So today, We here at Factvrse, Decided to make list of 25 Charming Facts about this legend.

So, without any further interruption let’s jump on to them.

1-5 Johnny Depp facts

1. Johnny Deep wanted his character, Jack Sparrow, to have gold teeth, but he predicted that film execs wouldn’t be into the idea. So he told his dentist to implant more gold teeth as a bargaining tool. As such, Sparrow’s final number of gold teeth in the movie was what Depp had envisioned all along.

2. Depp is already considered Hollywood royalty, but it turns out that 54-year-old actor is royalty in real life too, being the 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

3. Growing up, Johnny Depp had a violent family life, and his way of dealing with this issue was utterly heartbreaking. After his parents divorced, Things got more tough for Depp. As a result, he began to cut himself as a way to deal with the pain, which resulted in self-inflicted scars that he still has today.

4. Even as a youngster, he led a rough life, living for months in a friend’s ’67 Chevy Impala and selling pens for a telemarketing firm with his band mates to be able to scrape a living.

5. During his childhood, Johnny Depp was allergic to chocolate. So, he didn’t get to enjoy the chocolates as much as other kids do. But even after the allergy disappeared, he never fancied chocolates much.

For a guy who played Willy Wonka this sure sounds absurd.

6-10 Johnny Depp facts

6.  Depp was nearly mugged in 2010, but when the mugger recognized the actor, he said, “I ain’t stealing from Captain Jack,” and stood down. Depp gave him some money anyway.

7. You might not be able to imagine anyone other than Keanu Reeves playing Neo in The Matrix trilogy, but it was Johnny Depp who was the director’s first choice to play the role. 

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8. Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp of course starred together in the brilliant 1990 film Edward Scissorhands, but their romance wasn’t just on the screen. Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp got engaged the same year Edward Scissorhands was released, and Depp even got a ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo.

Unfortunately their romance didn’t last, and Depp had the tattoo changed to ‘Wino Forever’ after they split up!

9. Depp suffers from near-sightedness since birth and is nearly blind in his left eye. The actor claims that the condition cannot be corrected by surgery.

10. Depp donated his fee earned for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) to Matilda Ledger, the daughter of late Heath Ledger. His co-stars Jude Law and Colin Farrell did the same thing after Depp gave that idea.

10-15 Johnny Depp facts

Johnny Deep with his Daughter

11. In 2007, Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Deep’s daughter, Lily-Rose suffered from a serious E. coli infection that made her kidneys shut down. When she was sick, she stayed at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, a hospital that treats children who are suffering from the rarest, most complex, and often life-threatening conditions.

Thankfully, she survived.

After his daughter’s release, Depp showed his gratitude by visiting the hospital in his Captain Jack Sparrow costume and reading stories to children there.

On top of that, in March 2007, he helped the hospital financially by donating $2 million to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

12. Johnny Depp once came across a 12-year old boy named Jack Taylor in Wisconsin while making a movie. After the boy complimented Johnny Depp’s hat, the actor promised him that he’d send it to him as soon as filming was over. And he kept the promise by sending him the hat.

13. Not only did he send the hat, but he also sent an entire package of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory memorabilia along with a signed note that read “Here is a hat for you. Hope you like this and assorted fun bits.”

14. According to Celebritynetworth.com, As of 2021, Johnny Depp has net worth over $150 Million.

15. At the age of 15, Depp dropped out of school in the hopes of becoming a rock musician. But just 2 weeks after dropping out, he changed his mind and went back to school. But only to find that the principal would not accept him back. And it is not for the reason most of you think. The principal actually advised Depp to pursue his musical aspirations.

16-20 Johnny Depp facts

16. Over the years, Johnny Depp has become known for his relationships with many counterculture and underworld figures.

However, there was one dangerous person who refused to befriend Depp.

Depp reached out to infamous crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger multiple times while preparing to play the gangster in the film Black Mass, but Bulger refused to speak to him every time.

17. It may be seem weird but it is true that Johnny Depp plans on having his cremated remains poured into a cask of whiskey, and requests every attendee at his funeral take a sip of it. 

18. When Johnny Depp was a child, he used to train lizards as pets and teach them to perform tricks.

19. Johnny Depp’s full name is John Christopher Depp II. As of 2021, He is 57 years old and was born on 9th June, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA.

20. A British scientist named David Legg found a 505 million-year-old fossil that reminded him of Edward Scissorhands—even down to its large, scissor-like claws. Being a fan of Johnny Depp, he decided to name the fossil Kooteninchela deppi, naturally.

21-27 Johnny Depp facts

21. Depp has been arrested twice; in 1994 he trashed a New York hotel room, and in 1999 he fought with paparazzi in London.

22. Johnny Depp was first introduced to Nicolas Cage through his first wife, Lori Anne Allison. Apparently, it was Nicolas Cage the one to tell Johnny to pursue acting as a career. In addition to that advice, Nicolas also arranged for him to meet with his agent, which eventually landed Johnny his first role in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

23. In 2007, when Cage was having a financial meltdown, Depp offered to pay off Nick’s debt as a token of gratitude for kick-starting his acting career. Just like Lannister’s, Johnny Depp pays his debt.

24. Johnny Depp has actually played guitar for Oasis, Marilyn Manson, and Aerosmith.

25. It ain’t odd for celebrities to collect odd things. And Depp as a collection of odd things. Johnny’s collections include Barbies, memorabilia from his movies, collects CDs and items owned by Jack Kerouac, and collects insects and animal skeletons.

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