20 Mind-Blowing Greece Facts That You Should Know

20 Mind-Blowing Greece Facts That You Should Know

Did you know? In Ancient Greece, the word “Idiot” was used to refer to anyone who wasn’t a politician.

Mind-Blowing, isn’t it? With over 10.3 million people, Greece is not only one of the best countries to travel to, but it is also a country filled with interesting facts that you should know.

Facts about Greece

1. Greece is home to more archaeological museums than any other country in the world.

2. Mountains cover 80% of Greece.

3. Greece is one of the sunniest places on the planet. On average, Greeks enjoy 250 days of sunshine a year.

4. There are about 2,000 islands and islets in Greece

5. Military service is compulsory for all young Greek men and lasts from six to nine months.

Facts about Ancient Greece

6. The Greeks had the world’s first democracy. Sadly, it lasted only 185 years.

7. Classical Greek culture, which flourished during the 5th to 4th centuries BC, had a powerful influence on the Roman Empire and provided the foundation of modern Western culture.

8. In Ancient Greece, the participants in any sport(including Olympics) had to compete naked. Yep, buck naked.

9. However, Married women were barred from watching or even attending the ancient Olympic games. The penalty for any married woman caught sneaking a peek was death.

10. In Ancient Greeks, people used to exercise naked. 

Facts about Ancient Greece

11. In Ancient Greece, the word “Idiot” was used to refer to anyone who wasn’t a politician.

12. Ancient Greece’s boys went to school at the age of 7 if they lived in Athens, or went to the barracks if they lived in Sparta.

13. Throwing an apple at someone was a common way to express one’s love in ancient Greece.

14. The word “Dinosaur” comes from ancient Greek and means “terrible lizard.”

15. The ancient Greeks refused to eat beans because they believed they contained the souls of the dead.

Facts about Greece

16. The Greeks were the first to invent theaters. Without all the CGI, of course. Their theaters fit around 15000 people.

17. The word “school” comes from the Greek word for “free time.”

18. Greece’s official name is the Hellenic Republic, also known as Hellas.

19. Slaves were frequently purchased with salt by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

20. According to multiple official Durex surveys, the Greeks have been the most sexually active nation for the past decade. According to the results of last year’s Durex survey, Greeks have sex 164 times per year.

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