30 Cheesy Facts About Fast Food That Will Shock You

30 Cheesy Facts About Fast Food That Will Shock You

Welcome to the world of fast food, where convenience meets indulgence. Whether you’re on the go, craving a guilty pleasure, or simply in the mood for something quick and easy, fast food has become a staple in our modern society. But how much do you really know about the history, science, and culture behind these greasy delights? In this article, we’ll dive into 30 fascinating fast food facts that will leave you craving more. So buckle up, grab some napkins, and let’s get started on this delicious journey!

1-5 Bad Facts About Fast Food

30 Cheesy Facts About Fast Food That Will Shock You

1. A 2012 study in the Journal of Public Health Nutrition found a link between the consumption of fast food and high rates of depression. So much for a Happy Meal.

2. Next time you’re at a fast-food restaurant, you might want to skip the soda fountain. A 2010 study found that almost half of them contain coliform bacteria, which can be found in feces. Yuck!

3. Until 2014, Subway’s bread contained azodicarbonamide, a chemical used to improve dough elasticity, which can also be found in yoga mats. After a petition signed by 78,000 people, the chain pledged to discontinue its usage.

4. According to Fast Food Nation, Ronald McDonald is recognized by 96 percent of children worldwide, making him the most recognizable fictional character in the world, followed by Santa Claus.

5. Speaking of fast food icons, did you know that the Big Mac can sit for up to 12 years without decomposing? That’s right, folks, it’s basically immortal.

6-10 Shocking Facts About Fast Food

6. Burger King Russia filed a lawsuit against the movie It in 2017, saying the character Pennywise violates advertising laws because he “is an exact copy” of Ronald McDonald, Burger King’s rival mascot.

7. In 2011, it was more competitive to get a job at McDonald’s than to get into Harvard. Harvard accepted only 7 percent of applicants, while McDonald’s accepted just 6.2 percent of those looking for a job with the fast-food chain.

8. Ever find yourself ordering a burger when you meant to get a salad? Don’t worry, it’s not just you – fast food marketers use sneaky tricks like mouth-watering descriptions to make you crave those juicy burgers and crispy fries.

9. McDonald’s has higher revenue than the entire country of Mongolia.

10. Despite the above fact, Subway is the biggest fast food chain in the world – so if you’re looking for a footlong sandwich, you know where to go.

11-15 Good Facts About Fast Food

30 Cheesy Facts About Fast Food That Will Shock You

11. McDonald’s is the world’s largest toy distributor, thanks to the inclusion of toys in their Happy Meals.

12. McDonald’s is the largest employer in Brazil.

13. McDonald’s workers get to show off their singing skills in the Voice of McDonald’s competition – it’s like American Idol but with more McNuggets and fewer Simon Cowells. It offers over one million workers the opportunity to showcase their vocal abilities. Winners of the competition have previously received $25,000 and other rewards.

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14. Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, created the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption after being adopted himself as a child.

15. Before founding Wendy’s, Dave Thomas worked for KFC and even invented the iconic revolving sign. Talk about a fast-food renaissance man!

16-20 Surprising Facts About Fast Food

30 Cheesy Facts About Fast Food That Will Shock You

16. During the early 1900s, hamburgers were perceived as contaminated, unsafe to consume, and food reserved for poor people. They were primarily sold by street vendors instead of restaurants.

17. One in every eight American workers has worked at McDonald’s.

18. After France declined to join the American-led coalition against Iraq, some Republicans proposed changing the name of french fries to “liberty fries.”

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19. The amount spent on fast food in America rose from $6 billion in 1970 to almost $200 billion in 2014 and is expected to surpass $223 billion by 2020.

20. Some fast food chains, both in the US and other countries, provide bonuses to managers who cut employee wages to reduce costs. Talk about an incentive to be a total Scrooge!

21-25 Interesting Facts About Fast Food

21. The word “burrito” translates to “little donkey” in Spanish, potentially because burritos typically contain various fillings, similar to how donkeys carry different items.

22. The United States alone has over 300,000 fast-food restaurants.

23. In 1990, when McDonald’s revealed they used beef tallow to flavor their french fries, Hindu vegetarian customers in Mumbai, India, protested by vandalizing a McDonald’s restaurant and smearing cow dung on a statue of Ronald McDonald.

24. French fries are the most popular fast food item in America.

25. The rise of the fast food industry has been associated with an increase in obesity cases, with the CDC estimating that 248,000 Americans die prematurely due to obesity. Obesity is now considered the second leading preventable cause of death in the US, after smoking.

26-30 Fun Facts About Fast Food

30 Cheesy Facts About Fast Food That Will Shock You

26. Subway founder Fred DeLuca was just 17 when he started his sandwich shop with a $1,000 loan from a family friend.

27. Recent studies have shown that fatty foods and sweets are tied to an inability to create new memories, which creates a possible link between unhealthy foods and dementia.

28. McDonald’s confirmed that there are parts from more than 100 cows in a single fast-food burger.

29. In 2005, Arby’s customer David Scheiding found a piece of human flesh in his chicken sandwich. It turned out a manager had cut his thumb and hadn’t thrown away the bin that contained lettuce and his skin. Scheiding sued Arby’s for more than $50,000.

30. Fast food can be a tasty treat, but a recent study found that indulging four or more times a week can increase your risk of heart disease by a whopping 80% – yikes!

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