30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mongolia That Will Amaze You

30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mongolia That Will Amaze You

Mongolia, the land of vast steppes, nomadic traditions, and rich history, has a lot to offer in terms of intriguing facts. From its unique geography to its fascinating culture, there’s much to discover about this beautiful country. In this article, we’ve gathered 30 captivating Mongolia facts that will take you on a journey through its rich heritage, landscapes, and customs. So buckle up, and let’s explore the wonders of Mongolia together!

1-10 Fun Facts About Mongolia

30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mongolia That Will Amaze You

1. The name “Mongolia” is believed to be derived from the word “Mongol,” which means “brave,” reflecting the country’s history of valor and courage.

2. The nation known as Mongolia is actually the historic Outer Mongolia, while Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region of China.

30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mongolia That Will Amaze You

3. With only 4.3 people per square mile, Mongolia holds the title of being the most sparsely populated nation on Earth.

4. Mongolia, slightly smaller than Alaska, is the second largest land-locked country after Kazakhstan, with a total area of 603,909 square miles (1,564,116 square kilometers).

5. The Mongolian Stock Exchange, housed in a refurbished children’s cinema, is the smallest in the capitalist world.

6. In Mongolia, horses outnumber humans by 13 times, and sheep surpass humans by a whopping 35 to 1.

7. The current president of Mongolia, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, boasts an impressive educational background with attendance at both the University of Colorado-Boulder and Harvard University.

8. Genghis Khan, born in 1162 in Deluun Boldog near Ulaanbaatar, emerged as the leader of the Borjigin Mongol clan at the age of 20. He united most of the Mongol clans after 20 years of internal warfare and was named Genghis Khan in 1206, meaning “King of the Oceans” or “Universal King.”

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9. On his death in August 1227, Genghis Khan was buried in an unmarked grave in Mongolia as per his request. At the time of his death, his empire spanned from Beijing to the Caspian Sea.

10. He was recognized as one of Time magazine’s “25 Most Important Political Icons of All Time” in 2011.

11-20 Facts About Mongolia

11. It took until 2002 for Taiwan to officially recognize Mongolia as an autonomous country and take it off the maps of China. However, Mongolia still considers Taiwan to be a part of China and follows the “One-China Policy.”

12. Mongolia is home to one-third of the global population of snow leopards, which are unable to roar or purr, making them unique and fascinating creatures of the Mongolian landscape.

13. Mongolian youth make up a significant portion of the population, with 36% being under the age of 18, highlighting the country’s youthful demographics.

30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mongolia That Will Amaze You

14. Genetic studies have revealed that a staggering 17 million Central Asian males, believed to be descendants of Genghis Khan, share a common male ancestor dating back to the 13th century, showcasing the vast legacy of the legendary Mongolian conqueror.

15. The once-pristine skies of Mongolia have been marred by illegal coal mining and heavy coal use, resulting in severe pollution in some regions, transforming an area once known for its blue skies into one of the world’s most polluted.

16. Genghis Khan declared a place in Mongolia sacred, and only the Mongol Royal Family and a tribe of elite warriors called the darkhat were allowed to enter. The darkhat guarded the place for 697 years until 1924, and entering it was punishable by death.

17. The term “mongoloids” used to be used to refer to individuals with Down Syndrome until 1965 when the World Health Organization stopped using it due to a delegate from Mongolia.

30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mongolia That Will Amaze You

18. The Burkitshi, nomadic hunters of Mongolia, have a unique bond with golden eagles, capturing and training them for a decade before releasing them back into the wilderness, showcasing the deep connection between Mongolian culture and nature.

19. In Mongolian culture, if one’s foot taps against someone else’s, it is customary to shake hands immediately as a sign of respect.

30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mongolia That Will Amaze You

20. Despite modernization, a significant percentage (25-40%) of Mongols in Mongolia still lead a nomadic lifestyle.

21-30 Surprising Interesting Facts About Mongolia

21. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in neo-Nazism in Mongolia, with armed gangs in Nazi uniforms committing heinous crimes against Chinese, Korean, and LGBTQ+ individuals, misappropriating the legacies of both Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan, and even operating a neo-Nazi/nationalist party called the Dayar Mongol, highlighting concerning social issues in the country.

22. Mongolia is the birthplace of kumis, a unique alcoholic beverage made from fermented mare’s milk.

23. More Mongolians are living in China than in Mongolia itself.

23. In Mongolia, it is a tradition to give children from families who have lost a child in the past, names that sound bad to confuse demons who may try to steal the child.

30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mongolia That Will Amaze You

25. The capital city of Mongolia had to change its location 28 times before finally settling down permanently, with each location being chosen ceremonially.

26. Mongolia is home to the world’s oldest national park.

30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mongolia That Will Amaze You

27. The currency of Mongolia is the tögrög (or tugrik), which features an image of the legendary leader Genghis Khan.

28. “Salted milk tea” is Mongolia’s national beverage, consumed by most Mongolians on a daily basis.

29. Yurts, traditional Mongolian nomadic dwellings, are still widely used as homes, even in major cities.

30. Since 2003, only four Sumo Wrestlers have been promoted to the highest rank of Yokozuna, and all four of them are from Mongolia, showcasing the country’s dominance in the sport.

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