22 Thrilling Money Heist Facts that you should know

Money Heist has been nothing but a blessing in disguise to many during this quarantine time. With its powerful characters and unpredictable script, The show helped many people to kill their boredom. With four seasons till now the heist has always managed to generate a sense of curiosity among the fans.

La Casa De Papel

But, If you are someone who has completed all 4 seasons, and eagerly waiting for season 5, and want to kill some time knowing more about your favorite show. Then, this is the right place.

Below are 22 amazing facts about Money Heist/La Casa De Papel that every fan should know:

1-5 Money Heist Facts

Professor with his team in Money Heist
Source: Netflix

1 According to sources, the writers had initially planned to have all the gang members some form of a terminal illness, which was going to serve as the primary motivation behind their decision to go for the risky heist. Thankfully, in the end, the creators went against the plan, and it was only Berlin who had a terminal illness.

2. Natalie Portman’s Mathilda from the movie Léon heavily inspired Tokyo’s look.

3. The American writer, Stephen King, and the Brazilian soccer player, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior are some of the biggest fans of the series.

4. Bella Ciao was a famous song of protest long before the show.

During World War II, Bella Ciao was used to assemble the antifascist resistance in Italy. The song is played multiple times in the show making it one of the Money Heist’s key elements. The song, Bella Ciao is a symbol of victory amid a rebellion.

5. Despite the first episode drew in 4.5 million viewers Spanish TV channel Antena 3, the show eventually lost audience enthusiasm, and even the makers had accepted the doom of the show.

Then Netflix picked up the show re-titled it as Money Heist and added it to its international catalog.

Even though there was almost no advertisement done, The show received an overwhelming response and shocked the entire crew.

6-10 Money Heist Facts

Money Heist Dali mast and Red Uniform
Source: Netflix

6. Originally the series was meant to be narrated by The Professor. But they sacked this idea cause they thought “It would be too narcissistic for him to narrate his plan. ” 

So instead, they choose Tokyo as the narrator of the show. So that they could give the audience a “female perspective.”

7. The series has also inspired few real robberies incidents across the world.

8. If you have observed The Professor is the only member of gang that doesn’t have a city name. But, In an interview Actor Alvaro revealed that he would choose Vatican City as the unofficial city name as it fits his character’s personality.

9. The show was originally going to be titled Desahuciados, a Spanish term meaning ‘hopeless’ or ‘irredeemable.’

10. The classic Dali mask in the show is a tribute to the iconic Spanish painter Salvador Dalí.

11-15 Money Heist Facts

Nairobi from Money Heist season 4
Source: Netflix

11. Alba Flores didn’t have to audition for the role of Nairobi cause the creator of the show wrote the character for her.

The same thing Happened to David Schwimmer in Friends. Wanna know more awesome facts about Friends, then check out our post on 33 Insane Friends Facts that every fan should know.

12. Even though, Álvaro Morte nailed the role of our beloved character, The Professor. It wasn’t easy for him to grab the role of The Professor. In fact, the actor had to go through the audition 5 times before landing the role.

13. With over 65 million households views, Money Heist is the most-watched non-English show on Netflix since its release.

14. According to makers, The money shower scene and scuba dive scene were the toughest scenes to film.

15. The tune that The Professor plays on the piano in SE1EP12 is Scott Joplin’s classic piano rag, “The Entertainer.”

16-22 Money Heist Facts

Tokyo and Rio during Heist
Source: Netflix

16. Tokyo was the first character in the series to get a name. And this is how it happened.

Director and producer of the La Casa De Papel, Jesus Colmenar, shared that one day Money Heist creator Alex Pina came to work wearing a shirt that had the word “Tokyo” printed in front. It was then the director thought “Tokyo” would be the perfect name for a character.

And in another 15 minutes names, other city names such as Moscow, Denver, Berlin popped up.

17. Neymar was so obsessed with the show that he even made a cameo as a monk in Part 3 of Season 2.

18. It is difficult to imagine Money Heist without the Dali Mask. However, According to showrunner, Javier Gomez Santander, the Dali masks used weren’t the only choice. They were seriously considering using the image of Don Quijote. But, they settled on Dali because they found it more striking.

19. Denver’s unique laugh was written into the script even before Jaime Lorente was cast in the role. The script simply called for “trashy laughter”, and each actor who auditioned for the role interpreted that differently.

20. The series never left Spain while shooting season 1 and season 2. It was all along with CGI and recreation.

21. The scripts for Money Heist aren’t written in advance, They are written alongside filming.

22 According to the documentary, Money Heist is the most viewed program on Netflix in France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Portugal. The series also has a significant fanbase in North Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey. 

So yeah, from almost getting canceled in season 1 to becoming one of the most popular shows, Money Heist sure came a long way.

Professor from Money Heist Badass edit
Bonus Fact:

Bella ciao” means Goodbye beautiful in Spanish.

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Bella Ciao….