20 Mysterious Facts About Einstein That Will Blow Your Mind

20 Mysterious Facts About Einstein That Will Blow Your Mind

Welcome to the brilliant world of Albert Einstein! A name that needs no introduction. His work in physics and mathematics revolutionized our understanding of the universe, and his theories continue to shape the way we think about space, time, and gravity. From his famous equation E=mc^2 to his contributions to the development of the atomic bomb, Einstein’s impact on the world is undeniable.

20 Mysterious Facts About Einstein

Join us as we explore the life, work, and legacy of this brilliant mind. From his early years to his later years, we will dive into the man behind the science and uncover the personal side of Einstein that you may not know. So grab a notebook and a pencil, and let’s explore the mind of a genius.

Facts About Einstein

20 Mysterious Facts About Einstein

1. Albert Einstein may have been one of the most scientific minds of the 20th century, but he considered himself an agnostic, not an atheist.

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2. Einstein’s groundbreaking theories were the result of experiments he performed in his head, not in a lab.

3. Einstein may have been a genius, but as a child, he was a bit of a slow learner and spoke at a snail’s pace.

20 Mysterious Facts About Einstein

4. In a strange turn of events, the pathologist who performed Einstein’s autopsy stole his brain and kept it in a jar for 20 years.

5. Einstein’s brain had a parietal lobe that was 15% larger than the average brain.

Facts About Einstein

6. Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel, which he politely declined.

7. Einstein was a huge fan of Galileo Galilei and considered him the father of modern science.

8. The Nazis had a $5,000 bounty on Einstein’s head.


9. Some American officials, like J. Edgar Hoover, even suspected Einstein of being a Soviet spy.

10. Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Henry Kissinger, and Google co-founder Sergey Brin were all refugees.

Facts About Einstein

11. The iconic Star Wars character Yoda was modeled after Einstein’s appearance.

12. Einstein once said that if bees were to disappear from the Earth, humanity would have only four years left to live.

20 Mysterious Facts About Einstein

13. Einstein’s last words were spoken in German to a nurse who didn’t understand him and were lost forever.

14. He was among the thousands who signed a petition to overturn Germany’s ban on homosexuality.

15. Einstein was known for having a terrible memory and couldn’t even remember phone numbers and names.

Facts About Einstein

16. Some have claimed that Einstein plagiarized his famous equation E=mc^2 from Austrian physicist Friedrich Hasenohrl who published it a year before Einstein.

17. Despite being famous for his theory of relativity, Einstein did not receive a Nobel Prize for it. He won for his work on the photoelectric effect.

18. Einstein’s Nobel Prize money ended up going to his ex-wife as part of their divorce settlement.

19. He loved to play the violin and often said that it helped him think better.

20. Einstein never owned a car and never learned how to drive. Finally, he was a huge fan of sailing and even named his sailboat after his famous equation, E=mc².

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