25 Mouth Watering Facts About Cheese That You Need To Know

25 Mouth Watering Facts About Cheese That You Need To Know

Who doesn’t love cheese? Whether it’s sprinkled on top of pizza or melted between two slices of bread, cheese is a versatile and delicious food that we just can’t get enough of. But did you know that there are hundreds of different types of cheese, each with their own unique flavor and texture? In this article, we’ll explore 25 cheese facts that are sure to make your mouth water. From the history of cheese-making to some surprising health benefits, get ready to become a cheese connoisseur!

1-5 Interesting Facts About Cheese

25 Mouth Watering Facts About Cheese That You Need To Know

1. Cheese is a dairy product that comes from all sorts of milk, including cows, buffalos, goats, horses, and even camels! 

2. There are over 2000 kinds of cheese in the world, and out of all of them, mozzarella is the most popular. Apparently, everybody loves a good pizza!

3. Greece has the highest cheese consumption rate globally, with the average Greek consuming around 27.3 kg of cheese every year, three-quarters of which is feta cheese.

4. Cheddar cheese never naturally has an orange color.

5. Cheese is the most stolen food item globally, with 4% of all cheese sold ending up stolen. Watch your back, Gouda!

6-10 Funny Facts About Cheese

6. Italy’s Credem Bank accepts Parmesan cheese from local producers in exchange for low-interest loans (3-5% depending on quality) and a fee to ensure that the cheese matures properly (2 years) in the bank vault. About 430,000 Parmesan wheels ($200M+) are stored there.

7. Back in the day, Former President Andrew Jackson once received a massive block of cheddar cheese that was four feet in diameter, two feet thick, and weighed almost 1400 pounds. He then invited 10,000 of his closest friends over to the White House to help him eat it. It was gone in two hours. 

8. Beaufort cheese powers the electricity in Albertville, France.

9. Swiss cheese used to be judged based on how many holes it had – the more, the worse! But nowadays, we all know that the holes are what make Swiss cheese so charming. It’s like a slice of cheese wearing polka dots.

10. Back in the 17th century, cheese makers dyed cheese orange to deceive people into believing it was of superior quality.

11-15 Surprising Facts About Cheese

11. The consumption of Stilton blue cheese is commonly associated with strange and vivid dreams.

12. When it comes to cheese production, the U.S. is the top dog. They churn out more cheese than any other country in the world.

13. American Cheese, due to its unique manufacturing process, cannot be marketed as “cheese” in the United States and must be labeled as “cheese product,” “cheese food,” or “American Singles.”

14. Cheese production surpasses the combined worldwide production of coffee, tobacco, tea, and cocoa beans.

15. Scientists have produced cheese using bacteria extracted from human belly buttons and toes.

16-20 Awesome Facts About Cheese

16. The French are the undisputed kings of cheese. They have around 1000 different varieties to choose from, enough to enjoy a different one each day of the year.

17. Cheese can be addictive – but not just because it’s delicious. It turns out that a cow’s liver produces tiny amounts of morphine, and those trace amounts can be found in cheese. So next time you’re craving a slice of cheddar, just remember: you might be getting a little bit of a high, too.

18. The unique Västerbottensost cheese from Sweden is made solely in one village, Burträsk, and despite extensive scientific research, the reason for this remains a mystery.

19. Cheese is a rich source of calcium, which is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

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20. Chewing cheese stimulates saliva production, which helps to remove harmful sugar and acids from the mouth, preventing tooth decay.

21-25 Cool Facts About Cheese

25 Mouth Watering Facts About Cheese That You Need To Know

21. According to a study by the British Cheese Board, the amino acid tryptophan found in cheese can promote better sleep. Eating a piece or two of cheese before bedtime can help to achieve a restful sleep.

22. Pule, the world’s most expensive cheese, is made from Serbian donkey milk and can fetch upwards of $600 per pound.

23. While it may seem unappetizing, the smell of stinky cheese is caused by the same bacterium found in smelly feet, Brevibacterium linens.

24. A person who sells cheese is known as a cheesemonger.

25. Cheese has been around for a looooong time – we’re talking all the way back to 8000 BCE. That’s over 10,000 years of cheesy goodness.

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