15 Tom Cruise Facts That are too Crazy to believe

15 Awesome Tom Cruise facts

“He is crazy, But awesome” In my opinion these are the words to describe Tom Cruise. Everyone knows that Cruise is a handsome looking action star Blah Blah Blah. But there are some facts even you might have never known.

From being a bully magnet to One of the highest-paid Hollywood stars. Here is our post on Top 15 Facts about Tom Cruise that are too Crazy to believe.

15. Aladdin was modeled after him

Have you ever noticed the resemblance of Disney’s Aladdin to Tom Cruise?

If you have, then you have a hawk eye cause Walt Disney Studios based Aladdin’s persona off Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”. Disney borrowed some features from Tom Cruise’s face and hair to make Aladdin more likable.

14. A Weird Coincidence

15 Tom Cruise Facts That are too Crazy to believe

In a crazy coincidence, Cruise divorced his three ex-wives: Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes when they were 33 years old.

On top of that, all three women Tom Cruise married are taller than him. It looks like he prefers women taller than him.

13. Coincidence’s come in double

Here’s another weird coincidence about Tom Cruise’s Ex-wifes.

Despite Tom Cruise getting older, each of his wives has been 11 years younger than the one before, with Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes being born in 1956, 1967, and 1978, respectively.

12. Tom Cruise could’ve been the Iron Man

Can you imagine anyone playing the role of Tony Stark other than Robert Downey? No way, right?

But if things have gone in Marvel’s way, Tom cruise could have played the role of Iron Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an interview with Comicbook, Tom Cruise himself stated that “I love Robert Downey Jr. I can’t imagine anyone else in that role, and I think it’s perfect for him.”

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11. An Injury made star

In his childhood days Cruise enjoyed wrestling on his high school’s team. But a knee injury left him unable to play, which sent him looking for another way to spend his time. This inevitably led him to audition for the school’s production of Guys and Dolls.

All thanks to an injury we got Ethan Hunt.

10. A real hero

15 Tom Cruise Facts That are too Crazy to believe

In addition to playing on-screen hero, Tom cruise played the hero role twice in life too.

First instance took place in 1998. Cruise, along with his bodyguards, chased down thieves in London who nearly stole away with $153,000 worth of jewelry from his then-neighbor, Rita Simmonds.

Cruise rushed to the rescue after hearing the screams of the woman from down the road, where she was being mugged as she exited a car.

Just after two since chasing down muggers in the streets of London, the second instance took place.

Tom Cruise took Heloisa Vinhas, a 23-year-old Brazilian-born aspiring actress, to the hospital after witnessing her getting hit by a car in Los Angeles. After finding out that she had no insurance to cover her bill, he paid the $7,000 bill in full.

9. Maverick for life

15 Tom Cruise Facts That are too Crazy to believe

Although Tom Cruise didn’t have a pilot’s license while shooting for Top Gun (1986), in which he played the hotshot fighter pilot Maverick, he later earned one in 1994.

As of today, He even owns a GSM-240 golf stream that costs over 38 million dollars.

Bonus fact: As of 2020, Tom Cruise’s net worth is over 570 million USD.

8. One of King’s of Box Office

With A Few Good Men, The Firm, Interview with the Vampire, Jerry Maguire, and Mission Impossible:1 Cruise became the first actor ever to appear in five consecutive movies that each grossed over $100 million in the United States.

7. Tom Cruise Day

No country loves Tom Cruise as much as Japan. If you don’t believe then please continue reading. I am sure you will be convinced.

On October 10, 2006, the Japan Memorial Day Association declared that they would begin celebrating every October 10th as “Tom Cruise Day” in Japan.

Tom Cruise’s love and close association with Japan made him earn that day. According to sources, He had made more trips (nearly two dozen) to the country than any other Hollywood star at that time.

6. Cruise was always the Transfer student

In just 12 years of school, Cruise attended 15 different schools, spanning the country from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Unluckily for Cruise, this only made it more difficult for him to create any lasting relationships with his companions.

I mean just imagine being a transfer student to 15 different schools. If you ask me, just thinking about it is giving me anxiety.

5. He had a rough childhood

In his childhood, Tom Cruise had dyslexia and was bullied at school,

In addition to that, Tom had to go through another disaster in his early life. But this time it was his biological father.

In an interview with Parade Magazine, Cruise confessed that Throughout his childhood, he was beaten and bullied by his father.

But this problem was solved when his mother took away her children from him and married Jack South.

4. He improvised the Iconic Risky Business dance

Remember the iconic Risky Business dance done by Tom Cruise.

There’s an interesting thing about this iconic dance.

That is the only direction Cruise received for this iconic Risky Business dance was one line script: “Joel dances in underwear through the house.”

Tom improvised the whole thing as he went along. In addition to his charming looks, this just shows us how creative the Jack Reacher star is.

3. Running in movies since 1981

No matter the film and no matter the storyline you can find Tom Cruise running in at least once in his every movie.

Even Tom Cruise admits this.

I mean, Just look at his bio on Instagram it says: “Tom Cruise: Actor. Producer. Running in movies since 1981.”

And if you have found any movies where he doesn’t run then please do comment below the movie name, we would be glad to know.

2. He avoided certain death

15 Tom Cruise Facts That are too Crazy to believe

During the filming for The Last Samurai, Cruise almost avoided certain death when one of the mechanical horses used for the fight scenes malfunctioned. This caused his co-star, Hiroyuki Sanada, to swing his blade around at just the wrong time, hardly stopping before hitting Cruise’s neck.

1. Dare Devil


Here are some of the instances that will show you how crazy and awesome Tom Cruise is.

While filming for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Cruise held his breath underwater for more than six minutes. That too with movement which makes it even more difficult.

Not only does Cruise hold his breath like a superman, but he also took these daredevil tendencies into the stratosphere with this insane stunt for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, in which Tom dangled himself off the side of a plane in the opening scene. Of course, he did it with the help of a safety harness but still, this feat needs a lot of guts.

There is a scene in MI: Ghost Protocol that required Ethan Hunt to repel 163 stories down the side of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. If you have watched behind the scenes of this scene, Cruise barely broke a sweat.

Truly he is freaking Daredevil.

Bonus Facts:

  1. Tom Cruise purchased his motorcycle when he was 10 years old.
  2. Despite being nominated three times, for Magnolia, Jerry Maguire, and Born on the Fourth of July. Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar.
  3. Tom Cruise is 1.7 meters or 5 feet 7 inches tall.
  4. Cruise follows the Beckham diet. I think I should start it too.
  5. Tom Cruise’s first crush was on actress Ingrid Bergman in her role as Alicia Huberman in the 1946 Nazi thriller, Notorious. He admitted this in an interview with People magazine.

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