25 Fascinating Watermelon Facts That Will Amaze You

25 Fascinating Watermelon Facts That Will Amaze You

Get ready to sink your teeth into some juicy knowledge as we explore 25 fascinating watermelon facts. From ancient origins to modern-day uses, these fun facts will leave you with a newfound appreciation for this summertime staple.

1-5 Fun Facts About Watermelon

25 Fascinating Watermelon Facts That Will Amaze You

1. Watermelons get their name from being composed of 92% water.

2. In some countries like Egypt and Israel, watermelon is often served with feta cheese.

3. Watermelon is a member of the same family as pumpkins and cucumbers.

4. China is the world’s largest producer of watermelons. 

5. Meanwhile, the United States is the fifth-largest producer of watermelons. 

6-10 Awesome Facts About Watermelon

25 Fascinating Watermelon Facts That Will Amaze You

6. The heaviest watermelon ever recorded weighed 350.5 lbs and was grown in 2013.

7. If you’re watching your waistline, watermelon is the way to go! It is a great snack with only about 40 calories per cup. 

8. Certain varieties of watermelon require up to 130 warm days to fully ripen.

9. In ancient Egypt, watermelons were buried in tombs to provide sustenance to the deceased’s soul.

10. Watermelons were one of the first crops that free Black people were allowed to cultivate, consume, and trade. Unfortunately, the fruit’s symbolism of freedom was distorted into a negative stereotype by white people in the Southern United States, which still persists today.

11-15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Watermelon

25 Fascinating Watermelon Facts That Will Amaze You

11. Grilling or baking watermelon eliminates its grainy texture, and it can even serve as a meat substitute known as a “watermelon steak.”

12. The Oklahoma House of Representatives declared watermelon, a fruit, as the state’s official vegetable in 2007.

13. According to Romani legend, watermelons left out during the full moon become vampiric.

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14. Although it is commonly referred to as a fruit, watermelon is technically classified as a type of berry.

15. Consuming watermelon juice before exercising can aid in reducing muscle soreness.

16-20 Interesting Facts About Watermelon

25 Fascinating Watermelon Facts That Will Amaze You

16. In Japan, some watermelons are grown in cube shapes for storage convenience, a practice invented by graphic designer Tomoyuki Ono in 1978.

17. The Watermelon War was an 1856 riot in Panama City that occurred when a drunken American refused to pay five cents for a slice of watermelon. The altercation resulted in the deaths of 15 Americans and two Panamanians.

18. Human intervention has led to the evolution of watermelons into their current form, with sizes 1680 times larger and three times sweeter than the original fruit.

19. China is the world’s leading producer of watermelon, producing 68% of the global supply and generating 20 times more than the second-ranked producer.

20. Farmers use gender to differentiate watermelons; “boy” watermelons tend to be longer and watery, while “girl” watermelons are rounder and sweeter.

21-25 Surprising Facts About Watermelon

21. While watermelon can act as a natural Viagra, you would need to consume six cups to experience any effect.

22. Citrulline, a compound found in watermelons, has been used to treat erectile dysfunction.

23. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends having at least one beehive per acre of crop to achieve successful commercial watermelon growth.

25 Fascinating Watermelon Facts That Will Amaze You

24. There are over 1,200 varieties of watermelon, each with different characteristics.

25. August 3 is celebrated as National Watermelon Day in the United States.

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