20 Jaw-Dropping Seoul Facts That Will Leave You In Awe

20 Jaw-Dropping Seoul Facts That Will Leave You In Awe

Seoul, the heartbeat of South Korea, is a city that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. As we embark on a virtual tour of this vibrant metropolis, get ready to be enchanted by 20 Seoul facts that unveil its rich history, technological marvels, and delightful quirks. From jaw-dropping skyscrapers to centuries-old palaces, Seoul is a dynamic tapestry of culture and innovation. Let’s dive into the soul of Seoul and discover the fascinating tales that make this city a captivating destination!

1-5 Fun Facts About Seoul

20 Jaw-Dropping Seoul Facts That Will Leave You In Awe

1. Meaning of “Seoul”: The name “Seoul” holds significance as it means “capital city” in Korean, reflecting its role as the capital of South Korea.

2. Back in the day, North Korea was so convinced they’d reclaim the South that they labeled Seoul as their official capital until 1972.

3. Origin of Taekwondo: Seoul is the birthplace of the traditional Korean martial art of Taekwondo, contributing to its cultural heritage.

4. Karaoke Bar Density: In Seoul, there’s a Karaoke bar for every 333 people. That’s right, you can’t swing a microphone without hitting a wannabe K-pop star!

5. Proximity to North Korea: Seoul is surprisingly close to the border with North Korea, being less than an hour’s drive from its southern city, Kaesong, located just 58 km (36 miles) away. However, due to ongoing conflict, only South Koreans are restricted from traveling to North Korea.

6-10 Interesting Facts About Seoul

6. In Seoul, Grey or white taxis represent basic cars with less experienced drivers, while black cabs offer a more luxurious experience with drivers who have accumulated more experience, measured in part by their accident history on the road.

7. 24-Hour City Life: Seoul is renowned for its lively city life, offering a plethora of options around the clock, from bars and nightclubs to restaurants, cafes, 24-hour cafes, game cafes, and jimjilbangs (bathhouses).

8. UNESCO Sites: The city is home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, reflecting its rich cultural and historical significance.

9. Longest Bridge Fountain: Seoul boasts the world’s longest bridge fountain, adding a unique feature to its urban landscape.

10. South Korea has been gradually transitioning its capital city from Seoul to the newly built Sejong since 2007. The construction of Sejong is anticipated to be completed by 2030.

11-15 Surprising Facts About Seoul

20 Jaw-Dropping Seoul Facts That Will Leave You In Awe

11. Seoul holds the title of the plastic surgery capital of the world.

12. Work Hours: On Average, Seoul workers put in a solid 55 hours a week.

13. As the largest metropolis in South Korea, Seoul’s economy is considered even larger than that of London and Paris.

14. Seoul’s population density is almost twice that of New York and eight times greater than Rome’s.

15. Urban Green Space: Despite the fact that 64 percent of South Korea is covered in forests, Seoul has the lowest availability of urban green space per capita in South Korea, with only 4.38 square meters available for each resident, in contrast to cities like Paris (13 square meters), New York (23 square meters), and London (27 square meters).

16-20 Cool Facts About Seoul

20 Jaw-Dropping Seoul Facts That Will Leave You In Awe

16. The city celebrates its birthday with the “Seoul Street and Art Festival,” formerly known as the “Hi Seoul Festival,” marking 600 years of Seoul as the capital city.

17. Boasting the world’s largest indoor theme park, Lotte World, Seoul is a hub of entertainment.

18. Seoul is the Silicon Valley of Asia. With LG, Samsung, and Hyundai setting up shop, it’s a techno-utopia. Lost in the airport? No worries, robots will guide you. They’ve even unleashed 5G, the speed demon of the internet 5G, self-driving buses, and smart homes. 

19. Starfield COEX Mall, located in Seoul, is Asia’s largest underground mall.

20. In 2015, Arcadis ranked Seoul as the most livable city in Asia and the second most livable city in the world in terms of quality of life.

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