20 Fascinating Facts About Reindeer That You Didn't Know

20 Fascinating Facts About Reindeer That You Didn’t Know

Are you ready to sleigh the world of reindeer? These magnificent animals are known for their impressive antlers and their starring role in holiday folklore, but there’s so much more to them than that! Did you know that reindeer are the only deer species where both males and females grow antlers? Or that they have special adaptations that allow them to see in the dark and survive in harsh Arctic conditions? Join me on a reindeer-tastic journey as we explore 20 fascinating facts that will have you saying “Ho ho ho!” all year round!

1-5 Fun Facts About Reindeer

20 Fascinating Facts About Reindeer That You Didn't Know

1. The reindeer is a native species of cold mountainous regions in northern Europe, North America, and Siberia.

2. Unfortunately, their population has declined by over 50% in the last two decades.

3. And current estimates suggest that their global population is less than 2 million. But don’t worry, Rudolph is still out there somewhere.

4. Male reindeer can grow antlers up to 50 inches in length, while females’ antlers grow up to 20 inches in length.

5. Interestingly, reindeer antlers are edible and can be used to make gelatin or included in baking recipes, except for their use in Eastern medicine or as a health supplement.

6-10 Interesting Facts About Reindeer

6. Reindeer come in various sizes and colors, with the smallest breed being the Svalbard reindeer and the largest breed being the boreal woodland caribou.

7. In the wild, reindeer typically live up to 15 years, while those in captivity under human care can live up to 20 years.

8. Rudolph might need a name change because it turns out he’s a she! That’s right, the famous red-nosed reindeer is a female. Girl power!

9. Some reindeer do have red noses, due to the high concentration of blood vessels located near the surface of their skin.

10. Reindeer are social animals and are often seen performing daily activities in groups of around 15 individuals. However, during the spring season, they may form large herds of over 100,000 animals.

11-15 Amazing Facts About Reindeer

20 Fascinating Facts About Reindeer That You Didn't Know

11. Reindeer are unique among mammals, as they have the ability to see UV light. This allows them to locate lichen, identify polar bears against the snow, and track urine trails.

12. Reindeer cannot urinate while walking and thus need to take a bathroom break approximately every 6 miles. This distance is so regular that in Finland, they even have a word for it: “poronkusema” or “reindeer’s piss.”

13. To prevent deer-car collisions, reindeer herders in Finland are using reflective paint to coat the antlers of their animals.

14. Arctic reindeer have a secret talent: their eyes change color! During different seasons, their irises can go from gold to blue. 

15. In Norway, a single lightning storm killed a staggering 323 reindeer. Reindeer tend to huddle together during bad weather, and their close proximity explains why so many animals were affected at once. It’s like a tragic reindeer sleepover gone wrong.

16-20 Surprising Facts About Reindeer

16. In a strange turn of events, the winning pizza at an international pizza contest in 2008 was made in Finland, using smoked reindeer. The pizza was named “Pizza Berlusconi,” after the Italian Prime Minister who had previously insulted Finnish cuisine by joking that Finns ate “marinated reindeer.”

17. Contrary to popular belief, all of Santa’s reindeer may not have been male – in fact, only female reindeer retain their antlers in December.

20 Fascinating Facts About Reindeer That You Didn't Know

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18. Sweden produces a soft drink made with reindeer blood.

19. In traditional reindeer castration methods, the animal’s testicles are bitten off.

20. During WWII, a British submarine had an unusual passenger on board: a fully grown reindeer. This animal not only ate a navigation chart – which must have been confusing for the sailors – but also got so fat that it couldn’t fit through the hatch to get back out. 

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