25 Awesome Mozart Facts Will Have You Singing His Praises

25 Awesome Mozart Facts Will Have You Singing His Praises

“Join us for a symphony of knowledge as we explore the life and legacy of one of the greatest composers in history. From his prodigious beginnings to his lasting impact on music, these 25 Mozart facts will have you singing his praises in no time.”

1-5 Fun Facts About Mozart

25 Awesome Mozart Facts Will Have You Singing His Praises

1. Mozart was a tiny baby when he was born, so much so that people thought he wouldn’t make it. 

2. Even the most genius minds can have a silly side, and Mozart was no exception. He had a real affinity for poop jokes, which is hilarious considering how sophisticated his music is.

3. When Mozart was just a kid, he was so talented that some people thought he must be an adult dwarf in disguise! But they quickly realized their mistake when a playful cat distracted him in the middle of a performance.

4. Despite the portrayal in the play/movie “Amadeus,” Mozart and Salieri were good friends who supported each other’s work, and there is no evidence that Salieri hindered Mozart’s career other than the fact that he was better established.

5. Mozart wrote a song called “Lick Me in the A#s.”

6-10 Awesome Facts About Mozart

25 Awesome Mozart Facts Will Have You Singing His Praises

6. Even in the modern age, Mozart is still selling like hotcakes. He sold more CDs than any other artist in 2016! 

7. After Mozart’s death, his wife remarried a Danish diplomat whose headstone reads – “Here lies the husband of Mozart’s widow.”

8. Mozart intentionally composed a piece of music in the style of an incompetent composer to humorously demonstrate the difference in skill levels.

9. When Mozart was just seven years old, he gave a concert in front of royalty in Vienna. But during the performance, he slipped and fell. Thankfully, Marie Antoinette was there to help him up…and Mozart immediately proposed to her! Talk about shooting your shot.

10. Mozart is believed to have had the rare sensory condition known as “Synesthesia,” which allowed him to perceive different sounds as colors or shapes.

11-15 Amazing Facts About Mozart

11. Beethoven received music lessons from Mozart.

12. Mozart had a pet bird that could sing the theme from the final movement of his G Major Piano Concerto.

13. Both Mozart and Beethoven regarded Handel as the most accomplished composer of all time.

14. Mozart composed his first pieces when he was only four years old.

15. Mozart might have had a dirty sense of humor, too. Apparently, he wrote some pretty explicit letters to his female cousin, including a line about wanting to “sh*t on her nose” and watch it “drip down her chin.” Yikes.

16-20 Interesting Facts About Mozart

16. The exact cause of Mozart’s death is still unknown. Researchers have suggested over 118 possible causes, ranging from influenza to mercury poisoning.

17. The Mozart Effect, a phenomenon believed to reduce epileptic activity, is associated with Mozart’s K.448 and Piano Concerto No. 23, as well as Yanni’s Acroyali/Standing in Motion.

18. Benjamin Franklin invented a musical instrument that used water and glass, and Mozart wrote songs for it.

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19. The original manuscript of a symphony attributed to Mozart was destroyed during World War II.

20. When Voltaire died in 1778, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who was a devout Catholic wrote a letter to his father saying “The arch-scoundrel Voltaire has finally kicked the bucket”

21-25 Surprising Facts About Mozart

25 Awesome Mozart Facts Will Have You Singing His Praises

21. Wikipedia’s first featured article was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

22. The tune to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “The Alphabet Song” was written by Mozart.

23. When the manuscript for Mozart’s Requiem was on display at the 1958 World’s Fair, someone managed to rip off the bottom right corner of the last page, containing what is believed to be the very last words Mozart wrote before he died.

24. A German sewage treatment plant plays Mozart music to break down the waste faster.

25. By the age of 10, Mozart had already composed more than 20 pieces of music.

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