20 Mind-Blowing Milan Facts You Can’t Afford to Miss

20 Mind-Blowing Milan Facts You Can't Afford to Miss

Welcome to the stylish streets of Milan, where fashion meets football, and espresso is practically a way of life. In this article, we’re about to unravel 20 intriguing Milan facts that go beyond runways and Renaissance art. From secret canals to designer duels, get ready for a delightful journey through the chic and charming side of Italy’s fashion-forward city!

1-5 Fun Facts About Milan

20 Mind-Blowing Milan Facts You Can't Afford to Miss

1. Milan, with a population surpassing 3 million, proudly claims the title of Italy’s second-largest city, just bowing down to the almighty Rome.

2. The origin of the phrase “Do as the Romans Do” can be traced back to Saint Augustine, who discovered disparities in fasting practices between Rome and Milan.

3. An intriguing facet of Milan is its symbol, the biscione, a creature that looks like a snake indulging in a rather unconventional snack: a human. This quirky symbol traces its roots back to House Visconti, Milan’s rulers during the Middle Ages. Somehow, over time, this culinary snake became synonymous with the city itself.

4. Throughout its history it has been under the dominion of France, Spain, and Austria.

5. Milan served as the capital of Napoleon’s Kingdom of Italy from 1805 to 1814. After being crowned King of Italy in 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte chose Milan as the capital.

6-10 Interesting Facts About Milan

20 Mind-Blowing Milan Facts You Can't Afford to Miss

6. Interestingly, in front of the Stock Market in Milan, there’s an 11-meter marble statue of a middle finger.

7. Milan bans models under 16 and those with a body mass index of less than 18.5 from Milan’s shows.

8. If you’re in Milan and seeking a quirky shortcut to good luck, head to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Right there on the floor lies a mosaic featuring Turin’s coat of arms, complete with a bull figure. According to local lore, if you muster the courage to spin three times on the bull’s testicles using your heel, you’re in for a year of good fortune.

9. The city is a treasure trove of Leonardo da Vinci’s works, housing the largest-collection of the renowned artist’s creations.

10. Leonardo da Vinci was also the mastermind behind Milan’s canals. Those picturesque waterways weren’t just for romantic gondola rides; they were integral to the city’s defense and transportation.

11-15 Cool Facts About Milan

11. Milan is not just a city; it’s a runway waiting to happen! Since 1958, Milan has been a biannual host of Fashion Week, standing alongside Paris, New York, and London as part of the renowned “Big Four” in the fashion industry.

12. In addition to that, All cities in Big Four had disgusting things called Human Zoos, which displayed people, during the 19th and 20th centuries.

13. Milan’s tram network isn’t just advanced; it’s the overachiever of European trams. With a whopping 17 tram lines sprawling over 181 km, Milan boasts the sixth-largest tram network globally, giving other cities a run for their tracks!

14. Basilica San Bernardino alle Ossa, an intriguing Milanese church, was initially constructed in 1210 as an ossuary to accommodate the accumulating bones from a nearby hospital and cemetery. In 1268, a small chapel was added, and today, human bones adorn everything from chandeliers to walls. This church made such an impression on John V, King of Portugal, that he ordered the creation of an identical sanctuary—la Capela dos Ossos—near Lisbon, mirroring its Milanese counterpart in great detail.

15. Giuseppe Verdi, the celebrated 19th-century composer known for operas like Aida, Rigoletto, and La Traviata, faced an initial setback in Milan. The Milan Conservatory rejected him in his early career, deeming him “musically inept.” Ironically, today, multiple Italian conservatories and theaters bear Verdi’s name.

16-20 Awesome Facts About Milan

16. Milan has a rich tradition of Aperitivo, involving the consumption of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks before a meal to stimulate the appetite. The Aperitivo culture revolves around bars offering complimentary or nominally priced drinks and snacks with the purchase of a beverage.

17. Pink flamingoes might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Milan, but the exclusive garden of Villa Invernizzi hosts a dozen of these elegant creatures. Unfortunately, the garden is off-limits to the public.

18. Milan Cathedral stands out as the largest cathedral in Italy and the third largest globally. This grand Gothic cathedral, adorned with 135 spires and over 3000 statues, took nearly six centuries to complete, spanning from 1386 to 1965.

19. Milan’s Sforzesco Castle, a monumental medieval fortress dating back to the 15th century, hosts more than 10 museums within its massive structure, making it one of the city’s premier attractions.

20. Statues of the Madonnina, symbolizing the Virgin Mary, can be observed atop buildings and spires across Milan. Originating in the 14th century, this tradition began when Milan Cathedral placed a Madonnina at its highest point. Locals believe that the Madonnina offers blessings and protection to those below, and it is customary not to have any buildings taller than the Madonnina. Most skyscrapers in Milan feature the Madonnina on top, maintaining her status as the city’s highest point.

20 Mind-Blowing Milan Facts You Can't Afford to Miss

21. And if you thought skyscrapers were just concrete giants, meet the Vertical Forest. Covered in lush greenery, it snagged the 2014 International Highrise Award for being the most beautiful skyscraper globally.

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