20 Shocking Facts about Martin Luther King Jr

20 Shocking Facts about Martin Luther King Jr

“Martin Luther King Jr. is a name synonymous with the Civil Rights Movement and the fight for racial equality in America. His powerful speeches, peaceful protests, and unwavering dedication to justice continue to inspire generations. But beyond the iconic images and famous quotes, there are many lesser-known facts about this remarkable leader. From his early life and education to the struggles he faced and the impact he had, this article delves into the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and uncovers some surprising truths.”

Fun Facts about Martin Luther King Jr

1. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth name was Michael Luther King Jr., but he later changed it to Martin.

2. Despite facing unimaginable adversity and hate, Martin Luther King Jr. never wavered in his belief and mission for equality and justice. In 1964, the FBI sent King a letter filled with accusations of extramarital affairs and suggesting he should commit suicide. Even then, he remained steadfast in his dedication to the cause.

20 Shocking Facts about Martin Luther King Jr

3. The night before the speech, King’s advisor Wyatt Walker advised him not to use the “dream” language as it was considered trite and cliché.

4. King’s speeches were not just words. They were a call to action. He had been spreading the message of his “dream” long before the March on Washington. But it was at that moment it resonated with the masses and helped spur the Civil Rights Movement forward.

5. He is the only American citizen, and non-president, to have a U.S. national holiday in his honor.

Interesting Facts about Martin Luther King Jr

20 Shocking Facts about Martin Luther King Jr

6. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy lives on not just through his speeches but through his actions. His 29 arrests for his activism serve as a reminder of the sacrifices he and many others made for the cause of civil rights.

7. King is still the youngest man to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

8. When notified of his selection for the Nobel Peace Prize, King announced he would use the prize money to further the civil rights movement.

9. Martin Luther King Jr. is also a Grammy award winner for Best Spoken Word Album.

10. In his last public speech, he foretold his death, saying “I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the Promised Land.”

Shocking Facts about Martin Luther King Jr

20 Shocking Facts about Martin Luther King Jr

11. His legacy can be seen in the over 900 streets in the United States named after him.

12. King was a huge Star Trek fan.

13. President Kennedy, watching King’s “I Have a Dream” speech from the White House, was impressed by King’s oratory skills.

14. However, the head of the FBI’s domestic intelligence division, William Sullivan, saw King as a danger. Two days later, the radical wrote in a memo that the speech solidified King “as the most dangerous Negro of the future in this Nation from the standpoint of communism, the Negro and national security.” 

15. After the assassination of JFK in 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. said to his wife, “This is what is going to happen to me also. I keep telling you, this is a sick society.”

Surprising Facts about Martin Luther King Jr

16. King’s public speaking talents date back to his teenage years when he won an oratory contest in Georgia for speaking on “The Negro and the Constitution.”

17. During his 12 years in the public eye, King gave an estimated 450 speeches per year. All through his weekly sermons and media appearances.

20 Shocking Facts about Martin Luther King Jr

18. King and his wife spent their wedding night in a funeral home, due to the lack of options for African-American honeymooners at the time.

19. In his final conversation, King made a simple request, He asked the musician to play his favorite song, the hymn “Precious Lord, Take My Hand,” at an event they were both scheduled to attend later that evening. Tragically, King never got to hear the musician’s rendition of the song, as he was assassinated moments after making this request on the balcony outside his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

20. King’s family does not believe that James Earl Ray was the only person responsible for his assassination, and instead believes that there was involvement from the the restaurant owner where he was killed, the Mafia, and the U.S. government.

King’s mother was also slain by a bullet, adding to the tragedy of his assassination.

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