25 Awesome Facts About Eagles That Will Surprise You

25 Awesome Facts About Eagles That Will Surprise You

Get ready to soar with knowledge as we dive into the fascinating world of eagles! These regal birds of prey have inspired us for centuries with their incredible strength, keen eyesight, and stunning grace in flight. With talons as sharp as a razor, eagles have earned their reputation as hunters. But there’s so much more to these magnificent creatures than meets the eye. From the mind-blowing heights, they can reach while soaring to their surprising problem-solving skills, buckle up for an unforgettable ride as we uncover the most-amazing eagle facts.

1-5 Fun Facts About Eagles

25 Awesome Facts About Eagles That Will Surprise You

1. There are over 60 species of eagles.

2. Eagles have a lifespan that’s considerably longer than most birds, living in the wild for 20-30 years. The oldest known eagle in the wild lived for an impressive 38 years!

25 Awesome Facts About Eagles That Will Surprise You

3. These birds of prey can soar through the sky at speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. 

4. However, the fastest bird in the sky is the Peregrine Falcon, which flies at an average speed of 320 km per hour. Talk about a bird’s-eye view!

5. Corporal Courage II, an Australian wedge-tailed eagle, was charged with being absent without official leave for not cooperating.

6-10 Facts About Bald Eagles

6. Don’t even think about messing with the national symbol of the United States. It’s strictly prohibited by law. Bald eagles are protected, so no shooting, killing, or disturbing them!

7. The biggest-bald eagle nest on record was a massive 9.5 feet wide and 20 feet high and weighed more than 2 tons. Talk about a cozy home! 

8. Bald eagles boast wingspan of up to 7.5 feet and a height of up to 3.5 feet but only weigh a mere 9 pounds!

9. Balance is the key for bald eagles! If they lose a feather on one wing, they’ll lose another to maintain their balance.

10. Keep that eagle feather you found on the United States ground because you’ll need a permit to pick it up!

11-15 Interesting Facts About Eagles

25 Awesome Facts About Eagles That Will Surprise You

11. Dutch police have a new secret weapon against drones – eagles! They’re training eagles to combat these flying machines.

12. Love is in the air for bald eagles, They mate while free-falling thousands of feet in the air.

13. Did you know that New Zealand was once home to giant eagles with wingspans reaching up to 3 meters? Unfortunately, they went extinct in 1400. They missed out on the chance to become an Instagram star.

14. White-tailed eagles in Iceland have taken nest-reusing to the next level! They’ve been cozying up in the same nest for 150 years. Talk about a comfortable home-sweet-home!

15. In Scandinavia, These birds build nests so massive that they bring down entire trees.

16-20 Surprising Facts About Eagles

16. Eagles are not messing around when it comes to hunting! These birds have been known to take down mountain goats by tossing them off cliffs.

17. Meet Challenger, the first Bald Eagle in history to fly into major league sports stadiums during the playing of the National Anthem. This 29-year-old, non-releasable bird is the star of the sky and a real crowd-pleaser.

18. A rare Philippine Eagle that had been shot had been healed, released back into the wild, and then shot once more two months later, killing it. That’s one bird that couldn’t catch a break.

19. Golden Eagles in Greece have a unique hunting technique. They fly up high and drop turtles onto rocks below to break open their shells. Talk about a bird’s-eye view and a turtle’s worst nightmare!

20. The Bald Eagle is not an eagle. It is a sea eagle

21-25 Awesome Facts About Eagles

25 Awesome Facts About Eagles That Will Surprise You

21. The bald eagle, once endangered, is now soaring high and free!

22. Eagles have grips up to 10 times stronger than ours!

23. Eagles have eyesight that’s a jaw-dropping eight times stronger than ours. They can spot a rabbit from over 3 kilometers away.

24. The Eagles are the ultimate power couple! They mate for life and only find a new partner if their former one passes away. Both the male and female take their parenting roles seriously, making them the ultimate family birds.

25 Awesome Facts About Eagles That Will Surprise You

25. Eagles are considered symbols of mercy and divine power in the Bible. These powerful creatures have been making a statement for centuries!

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you had fun while reading 25 Interesting Eagle Facts For Kids.

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