20 Mind-Blowing Austria Facts That Will Amaze You

20 Mind-Blowing Austria Facts That Will Amaze You

Austria, a country located in the heart of Europe, is known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and cultural heritage. From the majestic peaks of the Alps to the baroque architecture in its cities, Austria is a true gem in the European continent. With a long-standing tradition in classical music, Austria has given the world some of the greatest composers, such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss. Additionally, Austria is home to world-class museums, historic castles, and a vibrant cafe culture, making it a popular tourist destination. Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventure, cultural experiences, or simply taking in the beauty of the country, Austria offers something for everyone.

Fun Facts about Austria

1. Austria is a ski lover’s paradise, with the stunning Austrian Alps covering 62% of the country’s land. 

2. For over a century, skiing has been the most beloved sport among Austrians.

20 Mind-Blowing Austria Facts That Will Amaze You

3. One in four Austrians call the capital city, Vienna, home.

4. The Austrian National Library in Vienna is a haven for book lovers, with over 2 million books waiting to be explored.

20 Mind-Blowing Austria Facts That Will Amaze You

5. There is a tiny town called F*king in Austria. When the mayor was asked if he would change the name, his reply was classic: “Everyone here knows what it means in English, but for us, F*king is F*king, and it’s going to stay F*king.”

Surprising Facts about Austria

6. In Austria, every man must undergo a year of military training.

7. However, It seems like a small price to pay for all the figures that have come out of this beautiful country – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mozart, Haydn, Christoph Waltz, and Sigmund Freud. 

8. In Austria, children over 14 years old have the autonomy to choose their own religion.

9. A disturbing history in the 1700s saw over 300 child murders in Austria and Germany due to “suicide by proxy,” where religious fanatics killed young children to attain heaven through execution.

10. In 1938, Mexico stood alone in protesting against the German annexation of Austria.

Amazing Facts about Austria

20 Mind-Blowing Austria Facts That Will Amaze You

11. A flock of birds in Austria became drunk from fermented berries and caused a car crash on a highway by swooping down on vehicles.

12. Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria experienced 20 seizures per day and could only utter one coherent sentence in his 13-year reign: “I am the emperor, and I want dumplings!”

13. Austrian children receive a sugar cone filled with treats and toys on their first day of school.

14. A Chinese diplomat named Ho Feng Shan made a significant impact during WWII in Austria by disobeying orders and issuing visas to Jews, saving thousands from the dangers of the war.

20 Mind-Blowing Austria Facts That Will Amaze You

15. Over 1% of Austria’s economy is linked to the energy drink Red Bull. I guess you could say Red bull gives wings to the Austrian economy.

Crazy Facts about Austria

16. Maria Altmann went through a lengthy court battle with Austria to retrieve five paintings stolen by the Nazis, only to sell them for a whopping 325 million dollars to private buyers.

17. Erwin Rommel feared Hitler’s assassination would create a martyr and spark a civil war in Austria and Germany. And wanted Hitler to be tried for his crimes instead.

18. In 2006, Austria made history by issuing a stamp with dust from a 42-pound meteorite.

19. In 1924, The New York Times mistakenly predicted Hitler’s retirement to private life in Austria following his release from prison.

20. In 2008, the citizens of Austria were in for a wild ride when they stumbled upon 600-year-old bras – talk about holding up over time. However, It’s a good thing they don’t make them like they used to.

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