30 Eye-Opening Facts About Charles Darwin That You Must Know

30 Eye-Opening Facts About Charles Darwin That You Must Know

Prepare to embark on a journey through the evolutionary wonders of Charles Darwin’s world with our delightful compilation of 30 Darwin facts! From finches with impeccable taste in beak fashion to the survival of the fittest bedtime stories, this collection will have you nodding in agreement with natural selection and chuckling at the quirks of our favorite bearded biologist. Let’s dive into the gene pool of knowledge and make Darwin proud!

1-5 Fun Facts About Charles Darwin

30 Eye-Opening Facts About Charles Darwin That You Must Know

1. Charles Darwin, born on February 12, 1809, in Shrewsbury, England.

2. He was the fifth of six children. His father was a respected doctor and financier, and both his grandfathers were abolitionists fighting against the slave trade.

3. During his studies in Edinburgh, Darwin joined “The Glutton Club,” where he indulged in strange foods like owls, hawks, and bitterns. Quite the exotic menu for a university club!

4. While at university, Darwin found lectures dull, but his decision to abandon his father’s med school dreams was sparked by witnessing a child undergo surgery without anesthesia, a traumatic experience that haunted him for years.

5. In South America, Darwin spent six months searching for a lesser rhea, only to unknowingly dine on it. Realizing what he was eating, he sent the parts back to England for taxidermy and classification.

6-10 Interesting Facts About Charles Darwin

30 Eye-Opening Facts About Charles Darwin That You Must Know

6. Known for eating every animal he discovered, Darwin sought out “birds and beasts which were unknown to human palate.” During his time on The Beagle, he consumed puma, iguanas, armadillos, and giant tortoises, and even drank the bladder contents of the tortoises. He once ate a 20-pound rodent that provided “the very best meat I ever tasted.”

7. Darwin’s scientific pursuits faced an unexpected obstacle with the Giant Tortoise – sailors couldn’t resist their taste, and specimens never made it to Europe for classification. Even Darwin himself indulged in their culinary appeal.

8. Before proposing to Emma Wedgwood, Darwin, ever the scientist, made a pros and cons list of marriage. Pros included being better than a dog and the charms of music and female chit-chat. Cons? Anxiety and responsibility, and less money for books. Priorities, right?

9. Charles Darwin’s marriage to Emma Wedgwood endured for the rest of his life, spanning 43 years and resulting in the birth of 10 children.

10. Charles Darwin and his wife, Emma, were first cousins and had 10 children, with 7 reaching adulthood. Concerned about the potential impact of intermarriage on his children’s health, Darwin conducted experiments with plants, learning the importance of cross-breeding.

11-15 Surprising Facts About Charles Darwin

30 Eye-Opening Facts About Charles Darwin That You Must Know

11. Charles Darwin often gave his old papers to his children for them to doodle on. Consequently, much of what remains of his original “Origin of Species” manuscript showcases his children’s creativity rather than his scientific prowess.

12. In the 1830s and 1840s, Darwin began harboring serious doubts about the truthfulness of Christian doctrine. His faith was ultimately lost after the death of his beloved daughter on April 23, 1851.

13. Despite surviving childhood, many of Darwin’s children faced health challenges, leading Darwin to grapple with the consequences of potential inbreeding, given his interest in genetics.

14. Interestingly, before marrying Charles Darwin, Emma Wedgwood had previously dated Charles’ brother Erasmus. The situation became even stranger when it was revealed that the Darwin family had orchestrated Emma’s relationship with Erasmus to divert attention from Erasmus’s affair with Emma’s brother’s wife.

15. Harriet, Charles Darwin’s personal pet tortoise, lived an estimated 175 years before passing away.

16-20 Awesome Facts About Charles Darwin

16. In 1850, Charles Darwin and Joseph Hooker initiated the world’s first terraforming project on Ascension Island, transforming it from an arid volcanic wasteland into a self-sustaining ecosystem with foreign plants from around the world.

17. Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton, was no slouch in the achievements department. He invented the dog whistle, delved into meteorology and forensic fingerprinting, explored the concepts of “eugenics” and “nature vs nurture,” and introduced the idea of inherited intelligence. He boasted an estimated IQ of 200.

18. Darwin wasn’t just about evolution; he revolutionized office comfort. He was the trailblazer who put wheels on an office chair, giving birth to the modern office chair we all know today.

19. Charles Darwin’s life was filled with curious adventures, both scientific and personal. An avid collector, he once found two rare beetles and, in a moment of excitement, put one in each hand. Spotting a third beetle, he decided to use his mouth as a temporary holding place. Alas, it ejected acid, burning his tongue, and he inadvertently lost two of his prized specimens. 

20. When Lord Kelvin challenged the age of the Earth, claiming it wasn’t old enough to support Darwin’s theory, it was Darwin’s son, George, who played a role in disproving Kelvin’s calculation. George Darwin’s insights, particularly regarding radiation from the Earth’s core, helped undermine Kelvin’s argument.

21-25 Shocking Facts About Charles Darwin

21. Despite being immortalized in the public’s imagination as an old man with an impressive beard, Darwin was a handsome gentleman in his youth. Light-eyed, rosy-skinned, and sporting fantastic mutton chops, he had a certain charm.

22. He was not photogenic. Particularly unpleased with one unflattering photograph, he remarked that he truly looked as bad as the picture suggested, he was surprised to “have one single friend.”

23. In 1882, Darwin’s health declined, and his heart began to fail. He passed away on April 12, surrounded by loved ones. Originally slated for burial in his home village, a public petition swayed sentiment.

24. A week after his death, Darwin found his resting place in Westminster Abbey alongside luminaries like John Herschel and Isaac Newton, a fitting tribute to his monumental scientific contributions.

25. A darker aspect of Darwin’s legacy was the eugenics movement in the 1880s, where his theories were misused to justify sterilization laws targeting various groups.

26-30 Cool Facts About Charles Darwin

26. The eugenics movement gained prominence in the United States, Canada, and Australia and was later abandoned by society due to its association with Nazi atrocities.

30 Eye-Opening Facts About Charles Darwin That You Must Know

27. Contrary to popular belief, Darwin did not coin the term “survival of the fittest.” He incorporated it into “On the Origin of Species” after encountering it in a book by rival scientist Herbert Spencer.

28. The intersection of evolution and religious faith sparked global debates. Darwin, a thoughtful man, grappled with the subject. Although he didn’t attend church with his family, he never identified as an atheist. In 1879, he settled on the term “agnostic,” believing in the compatibility of evolution and a higher power.

29. While Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species” did not use the term “evolution,” he referred to the process as “descent with modification.” The word “evolved” appeared only once, at the end of the last sentence of the book.

30. In 1950, the Roman Catholic Church declared that there was no inherent conflict between Christianity and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

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